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An initial evaluation of a method for adopting kaizen events in the construction sector

B. Arriola Oliveros    
A. Denis Granja    
S. Rodríguez Dionisio    


Currently, construction companies have shown a need to adopt process improvement systems in order to function competitively in the market. However, civil construction, compared to the manufacturing, still has deficiencies relating to the incorporation of new improvement systems. Thus, the use of Kaizen Events (KE) is one of the main mechanisms used to perfect processes during the production (execution) phase of a product, ensuring enhanced performance and added value to the client. The present research sought to evaluate a method for adopting KE in the construction sector. The data-gathering tools used were a questionnaire and a focus group where academics and/or experts who fit a specific profile participated. A methodological strategy for the development of the work was adopted under the approach of Design Science Research (DSR) and the theoretical referential was developed from a Systematic Literature Review (SLR). Improvements were made to the method to improve its applicability and functionality in real life scenarios using the results obtained. Accordingly, the results show horizons for future research on KE in civil construction.

pp. Page 173 - 182

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