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Volumen 105 Número 1 Parte 0 Año 2009

An investigation of soil translocation and erosion by conservation hoeing tillage on steep lands using a magnetic tracer
J.H. Zhang, Z.A. Su, X.J. Nie
Pág. 177 - 183  

Soil carbon, nitrogen, pH, and earthworm density as influenced by cropping practices in the Inland Pacific Northwest
Karl J. Umiker, Jodi L. Johnson-Maynard, Timothy D. Hatten, Sanford D. Eigenbrode, Nilsa A. Bosque-Pérez
Pág. 184 - 191  

Influence of soil tillage systems on aggregate stability and the distribution of C and N in different aggregate fractions
Martina Kasper, G.D. Buchan, A. Mentler, W.E.H. Blum
Pág. 192 - 199  

Herbicide sorption, degradation, and leaching in three Swedish soils under long-term conventional and reduced tillage
Mats Larsbo, John Stenström, Ararso Etana, Elisabet Börjesson, Nicholas J. Jarvis
Pág. 200 - 208  

The effect of tillage type and cropping system on earthworm communities, macroporosity and water infiltration
Yvan Capowiez, Stéphane Cadoux, Pierre Bouchant, Stéphane Ruy, Jean Roger-Estrade, Guy Richard, Hubert Boizard
Pág. 209 - 216  

Effects of conservation agriculture techniques on infiltration and soil water content in Zambia and Zimbabwe
Christian Thierfelder, Patrick C. Wall
Pág. 217 - 227  

Effects of crop abandonment and grazing exclusion on available soil water and other soil properties in a semi-arid Mongolian grassland
A. Hoshino, K. Tamura, H. Fujimaki, M. Asano, K. Ose, T. Higashi
Pág. 228 - 235  

Friction velocity and aerodynamic roughness of conventional and undercutter tillage within the Columbia Plateau, USA
Brenton Sharratt, Guanglong Feng
Pág. 236 - 241  

Laboratory evaluation of a model for soil crumbling for prediction of the optimum soil water content for tillage
M.R. Mosaddeghi, M. Morshedizad, A.A. Mahboubi, A.R. Dexter, R. Schulin
Pág. 242 - 250  

Aggregation in a surface layer of a hardsetting and crusting soil as influenced by the application of amendments and grass mulch in a South African semi-arid environment
Simeon A. Materechera
Pág. 251 - 259  

Impact of perennial pasture and tillage systems on carbon input and soil quality indicators
Oswaldo Ernst, Guillermo Siri-Prieto
Pág. 260 - 268  

Cover crop and tillage effects on soil enzyme activities following tomato
Said A. Hamido, K. Kpomblekou-A
Pág. 269 - 274  

Spatial and temporal variability of soil CO2 emission in a sugarcane area under green and slash-and-burn managements
A.R. Panosso, J. Marques Jr., G.T. Pereira, N. La Scala Jr.
Pág. 275 - 282