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Volumen 54 Número 1 Parte 0 Año 2014

Imagineering in Education: A framework to enhance students' learning perfomance and creativity in thinking
Prachyanun Nilsook, Nattakant Utakrit, Judy Clayden
Pág. 14 - 20  

Teaching problem-solving and critical-thinking skills online using problem-based learning
Liz Romero, Agnes Orzechowski, Ola Rahatka
Pág. 20 - 25  

Approaching hospital-bound/home-bound special education as an opportunity for innovation in teaching
Guglielmo Trentin
Pág. 26 - 30  

MOOCs: Let's Get REAL
Thomas C. Reeves, John G. Hedberg
Pág. 3 - 8  

Thinking tools in computer-based assessment: technology enhancements in assessments for learning
Yigal Rosen
Pág. 30 - 34  

E-learning and the Use of New technologies in the "kolumbus-kids" project in Germany
Claas Wegner, Wiebke Homann, Friderike Strehlke, Annika Borgmann
Pág. 35 - 37  

Characteristics of useful and practical organizational strategic plans
Roger Kaufman
Pág. 37 - 39  

Educational technology research journals: Journal of computer assisted learning, 2002-2011
Kyle R. Welch, Grant D. Zabriskie, Scott M. Ashton, Jered Borup, Richard E. West
Pág. 40 - 46  

Q & A with Ed Tech Leaders: Interview with Michael W. Allen
Michael F. Shaughnessy
Pág. 46 - 51  

Valerie J. Shute: a significant contributor to the field of educational technology
Larry McCalla, Thomas C. Reeves
Pág. 52 - 54  

Interviews with Badrul Khan: interview with Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus
Badrul Khan
Pág. 55 - 57  

Looking ahead, looking back: what's the "Big Idea"? a view of technology
Denis Hlynka
Pág. 57 - 59  

Research on education in the knowledge creation paradigm
Seng Chee Tan, John Ow, ChingSing Chai, Chew-Lee Teo, Jennifer Yeo
Pág. 8 - 13