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Volumen 133 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2011

Identification of the Cause of Variability of Probability of Failure for Burst Models Recommended by Codes/Standards
Mainul Hasan, Faisal Khan, and Shawn Kenny

Ratcheting Assessment of a Fixed Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger Subject to In Phase Pressure and Temperature Cycles
Khosrow Behseta, Donald Mackenzie, and Robert Hamilton

A Tetraparametric Metamodel for the Analysis and Design of Bolting Sequences for Wind Generator Flanges
Mikel Abasolo, Josu Aguirrebeitia, Rafael Avilés, and Igor Fernández de Bustos

Equivalent Elastic Constants of Truss Core Sandwich Plates
Hong-Xia Wang and Samuel W. Chung

Vibration Reduction of a Floating Roof by Dynamic Vibration Absorbers
M. Utsumi

Effect of Bolt Spacing on the Circumferential Distribution of the Gasket Contact Stress in Bolted Flange Joints
Tan Dan Do, Abdel-Hakim Bouzid, and Thien-My Dao

Numerical Investigation on Heat Transfer and Residual Stress in a Butt Welded Plate
Yinsheng Li, Kunio Hasegawa, Akira Shibuya, and Nathaniel G. Cofie

Hole Crack Problems in Infinite Elastic Plate in Tension
Xiangqiao Yan and Baoliang Liu

Permeability Measurement of Graphite Compression Packings
Didier Lasseux, Pascal Jolly, Yves Jannot, and Emmanuel Sauger Benoit Omnes

Effect of Geometry, Material, and Pressure Variability on Strain and Stress Fields in Dented Pipelines Under Static and Cyclic Pressure Loading Using Probabilistic Analysis
Husain M. Al-Muslim and Abul Fazal M. Arif

Design and Verification of a Sensing Device for Deformation Measurement of High Temperature Pipes
J. H. Jia, X. Y. Hu, Z. L. An, F. Z. Xuan, and S. T. Tu

Research and Application of Risk Assessment Methodology for Power Station Boiler Superheaters
Fujun Liu, Shuai Kong, Zhangwei Ling, Qiang Li, Yueqiang Qian, and Mulin Zheng

Effect of Misalignment and Weld Induced Residual Stresses on the Local Buckling Response of Pipelines
Aiman Al-Showaiter, Farid Taheri, and Shawn Kenny