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Volumen 20 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2008

A Framework for Mining Sequential Patterns from Spatio-Temporal Event Data Sets
Huang, Yan; Zhang, Liqin; Zhang, Pusheng
Pág. 433 - 448  

A Study of the Neighborhood Counting Similarity
Wang, Hui; Murtagh, Fionn
Pág. 449 - 461  

Clustering of Count Data Using Generalized Dirichlet Multinomial Distributions
Bouguila, Nizar
Pág. 462 - 474  

Distributed Identification of Top-l Inner Product Elements and its Application in a Peer-to-Peer Network
Das, Kamalika; Bhaduri, Kanishka; Liu, Kun; Kargupta, Hillol
Pág. 475 - 488  

Mining Weighted Association Rules without Preassigned Weights
Sun, Ke; Bai, Fengshan
Pág. 489 - 495  

Semisupervised Clustering with Metric Learning using Relative Comparisons
Kumar, Nimit; Kummamuru, Krishna
Pág. 496 - 503  

Adaptive Broadcasting for Similarity Queries in Wireless Content Delivery Systems
Wang, Wei; Ravishankar, Chinya V.
Pág. 504 - 518  

Localized Co-Occurrence Model for Fast Approximate Search in 3D Structure Databases
Huang, Zi; Shen, Heng Tao; Zhou, Xiaofang
Pág. 519 - 531  

Watermill: An Optimized Fingerprinting System for Databases under Constraints
Lafaye, Julien; Gross-Amblard, David; Constantin, Camelia; Guerrouani, Meryem
Pág. 532 - 546  

Building toward Capability Specifications of Web Services Based on an Environment Ontology
Wang, Puwei; Jin, Zhi; Liu, Lin; Cai, Guangjun
Pág. 547 - 561  

A Similarity Metric for Retrieval of Compressed Objects: Application for Mining Satellite Image Time Series
Gueguen, Lionel; Datcu, Mihai
Pág. 562 - 575