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Volumen 56 Número 5 Parte 1 Año 2007

Control Strategies for Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Evolution, Classification, Comparison, and Future Trends
Salmasi, F.R.
Pág. 2393 - 2404  

Onboard Sensor-Based Collision Risk Assessment to Improve Pedestrians' Safety
De Nicolao, G.; Ferrara, A.; Giacomini, L.
Pág. 2405 - 2413  

Fuzzy-Clustering Durability Diagnosis of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells Dedicated to Transportation Applications
Hissel, D.; Candusso, D.; Harel, F.
Pág. 2414 - 2420  

An Electric Gearshift With Ultracapacitors for the Power Train of an Electric Vehicle With a Directly Driven Wheel Motor
Yee-Pien Yang; Jieng-Jang Liu; Tsan-Jen Wang; Kun-Chang Kuo; Pu-En Hsu
Pág. 2421 - 2431  

Improving Handling Stability Performance of Four-Wheel Steering Vehicle via µ-Synthesis Robust Control
Guodong Yin; Nan Chen; Pu Li
Pág. 2432 - 2439  

Characterization of Polarization Diversity at the Mobile
Brown, T.W.C.; Saunders, S.R.; Stavrou, S.; Fiacco, M.
Pág. 2440 - 2447  

Multiuser Antenna Partitioning for Cellular MIMO¿CDMA Systems
Wan Choi; Andrews, J.G.; Heath, R.W.
Pág. 2448 - 2456  

Adaptive Interference Suppression for DS-CDMA Systems Based on Interpolated FIR Filters With Adaptive Interpolators in Multipath Channels
de Lamare, R.C.; Sampaio-Neto, R.
Pág. 2457 - 2474  

Joint Channel Estimation and Symbol Detection for Orthogonal Space-Time Block-Coding Systems in Frequency-Selective Channels
Zhiguo Ding; Ward, D.B.; Nabar, R.U.
Pág. 2475 - 2486  

Blind Channel Estimation for Cyclic-Prefixed Single-Carrier Systems by Exploiting Real Symbol Characteristics
Feifei Gao; Nallanathan, A.; Tellambura, C.
Pág. 2487 - 2498  

Receiver Cancellation Technique for Nonlinear Power Amplifier Distortion in SDMA¿OFDM Systems
Gregorio, F.; Werner, S.; Laakso, T.I.; Cousseau, J.
Pág. 2499 - 2516  

Robust and Efficient Intercarrier Interference Mitigation for OFDM Systems in Time-Varying Fading Channels
Xiaozhou Huang; Hsiao-Chun Wu
Pág. 2517 - 2528  

The Dynamic Capacity in the Forward Link of CDMA Systems With Correlated BS Powers
Dongdong Li; Prabhu, V.K.
Pág. 2529 - 2544  

An EM Algorithm for Blind Hop Timing Estimation of Multiple FH Signals Using an Array System With Bandwidth Mismatch
Xiangqian Liu; Jingli Li; Xiaoli Ma
Pág. 2545 - 2554  

Multiplexing/Beamforming Switching for Coded MIMO in Spatially Correlated Channels Based on Closed-Form BER Approximations
McKay, M.R.; Collings, I.B.; Forenza, A.; Heath, R.W.
Pág. 2555 - 2567  

Positioning for NLOS Propagation: Algorithm Derivations and Cramer¿Rao Bounds
Honglei Miao; Kegen Yu; Juntti, M.J.
Pág. 2568 - 2580  

Linear Precoding for High-K-Factor Channels Exploiting Channel Mean and Covariance Information
Oteri, O.; Eunchul Yoon; Paulraj, A.
Pág. 2581 - 2589  

Space¿Time Precoding for Downlink Transmission in Multiple Antenna CDMA Systems
Razavizadeh, S.M.; Khandani, A.K.; Vakili, V.T.; Wen Tong
Pág. 2590 - 2602  

Signal-Processing-Aided Distributed Compression in Virtual MIMO-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
Jayaweera, S.K.; Chebolu, M.L.; Donapati, R.K.
Pág. 26 - 2640  

Design and Analysis of a Mobility Gateway for GPRS¿WLAN Integration
Jyh-Cheng Chen; Wei-Ming Chen
Pág. 2603 - 2616  

Dynamic Call Admission Control for Uplink in 3G/4G CDMA-Based Systems
Imre, S.
Pág. 2617 - 2629  

Hidden-Node Removal and Its Application in Cellular WiFi Networks
Li Bin Jiang; Soung Chang Liew
Pág. 2641 - 2654  

Scheduling Scalable Multimedia Streams for 3G Cellular Broadcast and Multicast Services
Kyungtae Kang; Yongwoo Cho; Jinsung Cho; Shin, H.
Pág. 2655 - 2672  

Outdoor IEEE 802.11 Cellular Networks: Radio and MAC Design and Their Performance
Leung, K.K.; Clark, M.V.; McNair, B.; Kostic, Z.; Cimini, L.J.; Winters, J.H.
Pág. 2673 - 2684  

Adaptive Genetic Algorithms for Dynamic Channel Assignment in Mobile Cellular Communication Systems
Lima, M.A.C.; Araujo, A.F.R.; Cesar, A.C.
Pág. 2685 - 2696  

Preserving HTTP Sessions in Vehicular Environments
Yibei Ling; Wai Chen; Hsing, T.R.; Altintas, O.
Pág. 2697 - 2712  

Movement-Based Location Management for General Cell Residence Times in Wireless Networks
Rodriguez-Dagnino, R.M.; Takagi, H.
Pág. 2713 - 2722  

A Generalized Channel Preemption Model for Multiclass Traffic in Mobile Wireless Networks
Tsang-Ling Sheu; Yang-Jing Wu; Bo Li
Pág. 2723 - 2732  

Concentric Anchor Beacon Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Vivekanandan, V.; Wong, V.W.S.
Pág. 2733 - 2744  

Performance Analysis of Blanket Paging, Sequential Probability Paging, and Pipeline Probability Paging for Wireless Systems
Yang Xiao; Hui Chen; Xiaojiang Du; Guizani, M.
Pág. 2745 - 2755  

A Cross-Layer Investigation for the Throughput Performance of CSMA/CA-Based WLANs With Directional Antennas and Capture Effect
Li-Chun Wang; Chen, A.; Shi-Yen Huang
Pág. 2756 - 2766  

Channel Impulse Response Tap Prediction for Time-Varying Wireless Channels
Akhtman, J.; Hanzo, L.
Pág. 2767 - 2769  

Joint Channel and Carrier Offset Estimation for Synchronous Uplink CDMA Systems
Samir Attallah; Thiagarajan, L.B.; Hongyi Fu; Ying-Chang Liang
Pág. 2769 - 2774  

Low-Complexity Space¿Time¿Frequency Scheduling for MIMO Systems With SDMA
Fuchs, M.; Del Galdo, G.; Haardt, M.
Pág. 2775 - 2784  

Performance of Hybrid ARQ Using Trellis-Coded Modulation Over Rayleigh Fading Channel
Qian Huang; Sammy Chan; Li Ping; King-Tim Ko
Pág. 2784 - 2790  

Space¿Time Adaptive Decision-Directed Equalizer Based on NLMS-Like Affine Projection Algorithm Using Iterative Hyperplane Projection
Won Cheol Lee
Pág. 2790 - 2797  

Effect of Channel Uncertainty on the Mutual Information of MIMO Fading Channels
Musavian, L.; Nakhai, M.R.; Dohler, M.; Aghvami, A.H.
Pág. 2798 - 2806  

Multiple-Antenna Data Broadcasting for Environments With Locality of Demand
Nicopolitidis, P.; Papadimitriou, G.I.; Pomportsis, A.S.
Pág. 2807 - 2816  

Simple Tight Upper Bounds for Average SEP and BEP of Coherent Diversity M-ary Biorthogonal Signals Over Fading Channels
Radaydeh, R.M.
Pág. 2816 - 2820