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Volumen 60 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2012

Conditional Value-at-Risk and Average Value-at-Risk: Estimation and Asymptotics
So Yeon Chun, Alexander Shapiro, and Stan Uryasev
Pág. 739 - 756  

A Broader View of Designing the Liver Allocation System
Mustafa Akan, Oguzhan Alagoz, Baris Ata, Fatih Safa Erenay, and Adnan Said
Pág. 757 - 70  

Bullwhip Effect Measurement and Its Implications
Li Chen andHau L. Lee
Pág. 771 - 784  

Ordering Policies for Periodic-Review Inventory Systems with Quantity-Dependent Fixed Costs
Ozgun Caliskan-Demirag, Youhua (Frank) Chen, and Yi Yang
Pág. 785 - 796  

Strategies for a Centralized Single Product Multiclass M/G/1 Make-to-Stock Queue
Hossein Abouee-Mehrizi, Baris Balcioglu, and Opher Baron
Pág. 803 - 812  

Priority Assignment in Emergency Response
Evin Uzun Jacobson, Nilay Tanik Argon, and Serhan Ziya
Pág. 813 - 832  

Learning Consumer Tastes Through Dynamic Assortments
Canan Ulu, Dorothée Honhon, and Aydin Alptekinoglu
Pág. 833 - 849  

Solving an Infinite Horizon Adverse Selection Model Through Finite Policy Graphs
Hao Zhang
Pág. 850 - 864  

Robust Assortment Optimization in Revenue Management Under the Multinomial Logit Choice Model
Paat Rusmevichientong andHuseyin Topaloglu
Pág. 865 - 882  

Optimal Pricing in Networks with Externalities
Ozan Candogan, Kostas Bimpikis, and Asuman Ozdaglar
Pág. 883 - 905  

Release Time Scheduling and Hub Location for Next-Day Delivery
Hande Yaman, Oya Ekin Karasan, and Bahar Y. Kara
Pág. 906 - 917  

A Polyhedral Study of Multiechelon Lot Sizing with Intermediate Demands
Minjiao Zhang, Simge Küçükyavuz, and Hande Yaman
Pág. 918 - 935  

Robust and Stochastically Weighted Multiobjective Optimization Models and Reformulations
Jian Hu andSanjay Mehrotra
Pág. 936 - 953  

Three Ideas for the Quadratic Assignment Problem
Matteo Fischetti, Michele Monaci, and Domenico Salvagnin
Pág. 954 - 964  

Dynamic Pricing Under a General Parametric Choice Model
Josef Broder andPaat Rusmevichientong
Pág. 965 - 980  

Hazard Rate Scaling of the Abandonment Distribution for the GI/M/n + GI Queue in Heavy Traffic
Josh Reed andTolga Tezcan
Pág. 981 - 995  

Overflow Networks: Approximations and Implications to Call Center Outsourcing
Itai Gurvich andOhad Perry
Pág. 996 - 1009