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Volumen 3 Número 5 Parte 0 Año 2009

Molecular characterization, polymorphism and association study of lysozyme gene with milk production and somatic cell trait in Bos indicus × Bos taurus cattle
M. Salehin, A. K. Ghosh, P. K. Mallick and T. K. Bhattacharya
Pág. 623 - 631  

A genome scan for loci affecting adipocyte size and number in abdominal fat in a White Duroc × Erhualian F2 resource population
L. T. Liu, J. Ren, L. Li, W. B. Li, B. Yang, W. C. Zhu, B. L. Guo, J. W. Ma and L. S. Huang
Pág. 632 - 636  

Differences in productive robustness in rabbits selected for reproductive longevity or litter size
P. Theilgaard, M. Baselga, E. Blas, N. C. Friggens, C. Cervera and J. J. Pascual
Pág. 637 - 646  

Genetic parameters for pathogen-specific mastitis resistance in Danish Holstein Cattle
L. P. Sørensen, P. Madsen, T. Mark and M. S. Lund
Pág. 647 - 656  

Effect of plane of nutrition of 1- and 2-year-old ewes in early and mid-pregnancy on ewe reproduction and offspring performance up to weaning
C. Muñoz, A. F. Carson, M. A. McCoy, L. E. R. Dawson, N. E. O¿Connell and A. W. Gordon
Pág. 657 - 669  

Effect of fermented liquid diet prepared with Lactobacillus plantarum LQ80 on the immune response in weaning pigs
K. Mizumachi, R. Aoki, H. Ohmori, M. Saeki and T. Kawashima
Pág. 670 - 676  

Bioavailability of threonine and tryptophan in peanut meal for starter pigs using slope-ratio assay
O. Adeola
Pág. 677 - 680  

Improvement of insulin response in the streptozotocin model of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Insulin response with and without a long-acting insulin treatment
L. Nordquist and M. Sjöquist
Pág. 685 - 689  

Can audio¿visual or visual stimuli from a prospective mate stimulate a reproductive neuroendocrine response in sheep?
P. A. R. Hawken, T. Esmaili, V. Scanlan, D. Blache and G. B. Martin
Pág. 690 - 696  

No effect of the plant growth regulator, chlormequat, on boar fertility
M. T. Sørensen, M. E. Poulsen, H. Leffers, G. Vajta and U. Halekoh
Pág. 697 - 702  

In vitro primary satellite cell growth and differentiation within litters of pigs
P. M. Nissen and N. Oksbjerg
Pág. 703 - 709  

Udder quarter milk composition at different levels of somatic cell count in cow composite milk
L. Forsbäck, H. Lindmark-Månsson, A. Andrén, M. Åkerstedt and K. Svennersten-Sjaunja
Pág. 710 - 717  

Effect of level of eicosapentaenoic acid on the transcriptional regulation of ?-9 desaturase using a novel in vitro bovine intramuscular adipocyte cell culture model
S. M. Waters, D. A. Kenny, A. P. Killeen, S. A. Spellman, A. Fitzgerald, A. A. Hennessy and A. C. Hynes
Pág. 718 - 727  

Origin and assessment of bruises in beef cattle at slaughter
A. C. Strappini, J. H. M. Metz, C. B. Gallo and B. Kemp
Pág. 728 - 736  

The relationship between the stockperson¿s personality and attitudes and the productivity of dairy cows
D. Hanna, I. A. Sneddon and V. E. Beattie
Pág. 737 - 743  

Microbial pollution of water by livestock: approaches to risk assessment and mitigation
A. J. A. Vinten, J. Potts, L. Avery and N. J. C. Strachan
Pág. 744 - 752  

Is intensification of reproduction rhythm sustainable in an organic sheep production system? A 4-year interdisciplinary study
M. Benoit, H. Tournadre, J. P. Dulphy, G. Laignel, S. Prache and J. Cabaret
Pág. 753 - 763  

Does the chicken genotype `Géline de Touraine¿ have specific carcass and meat characteristics?
E. Baéza, P. Chartrin, E. Le Bihan-Duval, M. Lessire, J. Besnard and C. Berri
Pág. 764 - 771