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Volumen 88 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2010

Self-Concealment and Willingness to Seek Counseling for Psychological, Academic, and Career Issues
David L. Vogel, Patrick Ian Armstrong

College Adjustment and Subjective Well-Being When Coping With a Family Member's Illness
Christa K. Schmidt, Anne C. Welsh

An Emergent Theory of Gatekeeping Practices in Counselor Education
Jolie Ziomek-Daigle, Teresa M. Christensen

Leaving Home: An Examination of Late-Life Relocation Among Older Adults
Christin M. Jungers

Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Help for an Eating Disorder: The Role of Stigma and Anticipated Outcomes
Ashley H. Hackler, David L. Vogel, Nathaniel G. Wade

The ABCs of CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy): Evidence-Based Approaches to Child Anxiety in Public School Settings
Lynn D. Miller, Christina Short, E. Jane Garland, et al.

Prevention Rather Than Cure? Primary or Secondary Intervention for Dealing With Media Exposure to Terrorism
Michelle Slone, Anat Shoshani

Client Perceptions of Pretreatment Change
Aaron Kindsvatter, Cynthia J. Osborn, Donald Bubenzer, et al.

Evaluation of a Career Development Skills Intervention With Adolescents Living in an Inner City
Sherri L. Turner, Julia L. Conkel

Relationship of Ethnic Identity, Acculturation, and Psychological Well-Being Among Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Americans
Mark H. Chae, Pamela F. Foley

Addressing the Chronic Sorrow of Long-Term Spousal Caregivers: A Primer for Counselors
Beth N. Rossheim, Charles R. McAdams, III

Counseling Adult Clients Experiencing Chronic Pain
Stephanie T. Burns

Exploring Self-Injury Through a Relational Cultural Lens
Heather C. Trepal

Metaphoric Stories in Supervision of Internship: A Qualitative Study
Carol A. Sommer, Janice E. Ward, Thomas Scofield