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Volumen 71 Número 2 Parte 0 Año 2007

International good market segmentation and financial innovation
Suleyman Basak and Benjamin Cro
Pág. 267 - 293  

One cost of the Chilean capital controls: Increased financial constraints for smaller traded firms
Kristin J. F
Pág. 294 - 323  

Moving up or moving out? A unified theory of R&D, FDI, and trade
Pág. 324 - 343  

The endogeneity of the exchange rate as a determinant of FDI: A model of entry and multinational firms
Katheryn Niles
Pág. 344 - 372  

International linkages and productivity at the plant level: Foreign direct investment, exports, imports and licensing
Mahmut Yasar and Catherine J. Morrison
Pág. 373 - 388  

Technology, endowments, and the factor content of bilateral trade
Huiwen Lai and Susan Chu
Pág. 389 - 409  

The GATT and gradualism
Ben Zis
Pág. 410 - 433  

Why parallel trade may raise producers' profits
Horst Raff and Nicolas Sc
Pág. 434 - 447  

Diversification cones, trade costs and factor market linkages
Pág. 448 - 466  

Trade liberalization and rising wage inequality in Latin America: Reconciliation with HOS theory
Manoj A
Pág. 467 - 494  

Institutions and moral hazard in open economies
Pág. 495 - 514  

Tornell and Westermann, boom¿bust cycles and financial liberalization
Pág. 515 - 523  

Global capitalism: Its fall and rise in the twentieth century
Christopher M. Mei
Pág. 523 - 525