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Volumen 104 Número 5 Parte 0 Año 2012

In Vitro Evaluation of Coatings to Control Ammonia Volatilization from Surface-Applied Urea
W. Hunter Frame, M. M Alley, G. B. Whitehurst, B. M. Whitehurst and R. Campbell
Pág. 1201 - 1207  

Quantifying Nitrogen Requirement for Creeping Bentgrass Putting-Green Cultivars
C. M. Baldwin and A. D. Brede
Pág. 1208 - 1216  

Sowing Method Effects on Clover Establishment into Permanent Pasture
David Schlueter and Benjamin Tracy
Pág. 1217 - 1222  

Soil Nitrogen and Phosphorus Behavior in a Long-Term Fertilization Experiment
Peter Anthony, Gary Malzer, Mingchu Zhang and Stephen Sparrow
Pág. 1223 - 1237  

Water Use Efficiency, Transpiration Efficiency, and Uptake Efficiency of Wheat during Drought
Mohammad Reza Siahpoosh and Ebrahim Dehghanian
Pág. 1238 - 1243  

Fate and Transport of Thirteen Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products in a Controlled Irrigated Turfgrass System
Lena Wright, Dale A. Devitt, Michael H. Young, Jay Gan, Brett J. Vanderford, Shane A. Snyder, Michael McCullough and Laurel Dodgen
Pág. 1244 - 1254  

Crop Productivity and Nutrient Dynamics in a Shrub ( Guiera senegalensis )¿Based Farming System of the Sahel
E. L. Dossa, I. Diedhiou, M. Khouma, M. Sene, A. Lufafa, F. Kizito, S. A. N. Samba, A. N. Badiane, S. Diedhiou and R. P. Dick
Pág. 1255 - 1264  

Crop Rotation Effect on Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Stocks under Limited Irrigation
Ardell D. Halvorson and Alan J. Schlegel
Pág. 1265 - 1273  

Assessing the Uncertainty when Using a Model to Compare Irrigation Strategies
Daniel Wallach, Nathalie Keussayan, François Brun, Bernard Lacroix and Jacques-Eric Bergez
Pág. 1274 - 1283  

On-Farm Evaluations to Calibrate Tools for Estimating Late-Season Nitrogen Status of Corn
P. M. Kyveryga and T. M. Blackmer
Pág. 1284 - 1294  

Yield, Pests, and Water Use of Durum and Selected Crucifer Oilseeds in Two-Year Rotations
A. W. Lenssen, W. M. Iversen, U. M. Sainju, T. C. Caesar-TonThat, S. L. Blodgett, B. L. Allen and R. G. Evans
Pág. 1304 - 1295  

Ecosystem Biomass, Carbon, and Nitrogen Five Years after Restoration with Municipal Solid Waste
D. B. Watts, F. J. Arriaga, H. A. Torbert, D. L. Gebhart and R. R. Busby
Pág. 1305 - 1311  

Effect of Cultivar, Irrigation, and Soil Calcium on Runner Peanut Response to Gypsum
J. A. Howe, R. J. Florence, G. Harris, E. van Santen, J. P. Beasley, J. P. Bostick and K. B. Balkcom
Pág. 1312 - 1320  

Carbon Balance of No-Till Soybean with Winter Wheat Cover Crop in the Southeastern United States
Maheteme T. Gebremedhin, Henry W. Loescher and Teferi D. Tsegaye
Pág. 1321 - 1335  

Green Leaf Area Index Estimation in Maize and Soybean: Combining Vegetation Indices to Achieve Maximal Sensitivity
Anthony Nguy-Robertson, Anatoly Gitelson, Yi Peng, Andrés Viña, Timothy Arkebauer and Donald Rundquist
Pág. 1336 - 1347  

Waste Streams from Methane Digesters: Exporting Nutrients through Turfgrass and Forage Production Systems
Ronnie W. Schnell, Donald M. Vietor, Tony L. Provin and Clyde L. Munster
Pág. 1348 - 1355  

Temporal and Spatial Influence of Perennial Upland Buffers on Corn and Soybean Yields
G. M. M. M. Anomaa Senaviratne, Ranjith P. Udawatta, Kelly A. Nelson, Kent Shannon and Shibu Jose
Pág. 1356 - 1362  

Uncertainty Analysis and Parameter Estimation for the CSM-CROPGRO-Cotton Model
Tapan B. Pathak, James W. Jones, Clyde W. Fraisse, David Wright and Gerit Hoogenboom
Pág. 1363 - 1373  

Net Return Risk for Malting Barley Production in Western Canada as Influenced by Production Strategies
E. G. Smith, J. T. O¿Donovan, W. J. Henderson, T. K. Turkington, R. H. McKenzie, K. N. Harker, G. W. Clayton, P. E. Juskiw, G. P. Lafond, C. A. Grant, S. Brandt, M. J. Edney, E. N. Johnson and W. E. May
Pág. 1374 - 1382  

Tradeoffs in Performance of Native Warm-Season Grass Cultivars and Locally Harvested Seed Managed for Wildlife Habitat or Livestock Production
S. K. Chamberlain, L. K. Paine, J. L. Harrison and R. D. Jackson
Pág. 1383 - 1391  

Can Integration of Legume Trees Increase Yield Stability in Rainfed Maize Cropping Systems in Southern Africa?
Gudeta W. Sileshi, Legesse Kassa Debusho and Festus K. Akinnifesi
Pág. 1392 - 1398  

Ground Cover Rice Production System Increases Yield and Nitrogen Recovery Efficiency
Hang Qu, Hongbin Tao, Yueyue Tao, Meiju Liu, Kangrong Shen and Shan Lin
Pág. 1399 - 1407  

Rooting in a Creeping Bentgrass Putting Green in Response to Spring and Summer Coring
Jinmin Fu and Peter H. Dernoeden
Pág. 1408 - 1412  

Farmers¿ Opinion on Seed Potato Management Attributes in Ethiopia: A Conjoint Analysis
Adane Hirpa, Miranda P.M. Meuwissen, Ivo A. Van der Lans, Willemien J.M. Lommen, Alfons G.J.M. Oude Lansink, Admasu Tsegaye and Paul C. Struik
Pág. 1413 - 1424  

Optimizing Cover Crop Benefits with Diverse Mixtures and an Alternative Termination Method
Sam E. Wortman, Charles A. Francis, Mark L. Bernards, Rhae A. Drijber and John L. Lindquist
Pág. 1425 - 1435  

On-Farm Estimation of Nutrient Requirements for Spring Corn in North China
Yi Zhang, Pen Hou, Qiang Gao, Xinping Chen, Fusuo Zhang and Zhenling Cui
Pág. 1436 - 1442  

Soybean Yield and Quality in Relation to Soil Properties
P. Anthony, G. Malzer, S. Sparrow and M. Zhang
Pág. 1443 - 1458  

Tillage Effects on Yield and Nitrogen Fixation of Legumes in Mediterranean Conditions
Paolo Ruisi, Dario Giambalvo, Giuseppe Di Miceli, Alfonso Salvatore Frenda, Sergio Saia and Gaetano Amato
Pág. 1459 - 1466  

Decreasing Nitrogen Leaching and Increasing Canola Forage Yield in a Sandy Soil by Application of Natural Zeolite
Majid Gholamhoseini, Majid AghaAlikhani, Aria Dolatabadian, Aydin Khodaei-Joghan and Hamed Zakikhani
Pág. 1467 - 1475  

Soybean Yield and Chemical Composition in Response to Phosphorus¿Potassium Nutrition in Kashmir
M. Kaleem Abbasi, Majid Mahmood Tahir, Waleed Azam, Zaheer Abbas and Nasir Rahim
Pág. 1476 - 1484  

Performance of Dry Bean Genotypes Grown under Organic and Conventional Production Systems in Michigan
James A. Heilig and James D. Kelly
Pág. 1485 - 1492