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Volumen 39 Número 1 Parte 0 Año 2007

Transition to a sustainable urban energy system from a long-term perspective: Case study in a Japanese business district
Y. Yamaguchi, Y. Shimoda and M. M
Pág. 1 - 12  

Evaluation of existing cooling systems for reducing cooling power consumption
M.S. Hatamipour, H. Mahiyar and M. T
Pág. 105 - 112  

Development and validation of online models with parameter estimation for a building zone with VAV system
Jin Wen and Theodore F.
Pág. 13 - 22  

Energy efficient building design using sensitivity analysis¿A case study
Paulo Filipe de Almeida Ferreira Tavares and António Manuel de Oliveira Gomes Ma
Pág. 23 - 31  

Low energy architecture for a severe US climate: Design and evaluation of a hybrid ventilation strategy
Kevin J. Lomas, Malcolm J. Cook and Dusan
Pág. 32 - 44  

Using intelligent clustering techniques to classify the energy performance of school buildings
M. Santamouris, G. Mihalakakou, P. Patargias, N. Gaitani, K. Sfakianaki, M. Papaglastra, C. Pavlou, P. Doukas, E. Primikiri, V. Geros, M.N. Assimakopoulos, R. Mitoula and S. Ze
Pág. 45 - 51  

Using intelligent data analysis to detect abnormal energy consumption in buildings
John E.
Pág. 52 - 58  

A new heat pump desiccant dehumidifier for supermarket application
Renato M. Lazzarin and Francesco Castel
Pág. 59 - 65  

Modeling and performance evaluation of ground source (geothermal) heat pump systems
Onder Ozgener and Arif Hep
Pág. 66 - 75  

Experimental and numerical thermal analysis of a balcony board with integrated glass fibre reinforced polymer GFRP elements
Karim Ghazi Wakili, Hans Simmler and Thomas
Pág. 76 - 81  

Determinants and benchmarking of resource consumption in hotels¿Case study of Hilton International and Scandic in Europe
Paulina Bohdanowicz and Ivo Mar
Pág. 82 - 95  

A simple procedure to size active solar heating schemes for low-energy building design
F. Cuadros, F. López-Rodríguez, C. Segador and A. M
Pág. 96 - 104