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Volumen 58 Número 5 Parte 0 Año 2012

Thinning, Age, and Site Quality Influence Live Tree Carbon Stocks in Upland Hardwood Forests of the Southern Appalachians
Keyser, Tara L.; Zarnoch, Stanley J.
Pág. 407 - 418  

Carbon Emissions and Sequestration from Fertilization of Pine in the Southeastern United States
Albaugh, Timothy J.; Vance, Eric D.; Gaudreault, Caroline; Fox, Thomas R.; Allen, H. Lee; Stape, Jose L.; Rubilar, Rafael A.
Pág. 419 - 429  

Effect of Harvest Residue Management on Tree Productivity and Carbon Pools during Early Stand Development in a Loblolly Pine Plantation
Maier, Chris A.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Dougherty, Phillip; McInnis, Daniel; Anderson, Pete; Patterson, Steve
Pág. 430 - 445  

Carbon Sequestration from 40 Years of Planting Genetically Improved Loblolly Pine across the Southeast United States
Aspinwall, Michael J.; McKeand, Steven E.; King, John S.
Pág. 446 - 456  

Modeling the Effects of Stand Development, Site Quality, and Silviculture on Leaf Area Index, Litterfall, and Forest Floor Accumulations in Loblolly and Slash Pine Plantations
Gonzalez-Benecke, Carlos A.; Jokela, Eric J.; Martin, Timothy A.
Pág. 457 - 471  

Relationships between Soil CO2 Efflux and Forest Structure in 50-Year-Old Longleaf Pine
Samuelson, Lisa J.; Whitaker, William B.
Pág. 472 - 484  

Loblolly Pine Age and Density Affects Switchgrass Growth and Soil Carbon in an Agroforestry System
Blazier, Michael A.; Clason, Terry R.; Vance, Eric D.; Leggett, Zakiya; Sucre, Eric B.
Pág. 485 - 496  

A Comparison of Three Methods to Estimate Evapotranspiration in Two Contrasting Loblolly Pine Plantations: Age-Related Changes in Water Use and Drought Sensitivity of Evapotranspiration Components
Domec, Jean-Christophe; Sun, Ge; Noormets, Asko; Gavazzi, Michael J.; Treasure, Emrys A.; Cohen, Erika; Swenson, Jennifer J.; McNulty, Steve G.; King, John S.
Pág. 497 - 512  

A Comparison of Three Field Sampling Methods to Estimate Soil Carbon Content
Worsham, Luke; Markewitz, Daniel; Nibbelink, Nathan P.; West, Larry T.
Pág. 513 - 522  

Effect of Bioenergy Demands and Supply Response on Markets, Carbon, and Land Use
Abt, Karen L.; Abt, Robert C.; Galik, Christopher
Pág. 523 - 539  

What Makes Carbon Work? A Sensitivity Analysis of Factors Affecting Forest Offset Viability
Galik, Christopher S.; Cooley, David M.
Pág. 540 - 548