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Volumen 88 Número 11-12 Parte 0 Año 2007

The effect of mineral additions on coal ash deposition
Fraser Wigley, Jim Williamson and Gerry
Pág. 1010 - 1016  

Computer-controlled scanning electron microscopy (CCSEM) investigation of quartz in coal fly ash
Nick Cprek, Naresh Shah, Frank E. Huggins and Gerald P. Hu
Pág. 1017 - 1020  

Ash particle formation during O2/CO2 combustion of pulverized coals
Changdong Sheng, Yi Li, Xiaowei Liu, Hong Yao and Mingh
Pág. 1021 - 1028  

Detailed kinetic and control of alkali metal compounds during coal combustion
Tsuyoshi Takuwa and Ichiro N
Pág. 1029 - 1034  

A comprehensive slagging and fouling prediction tool for coal-fired boilers and its validation/application
Zhanhua Ma, Felicia Iman, Pisi Lu, Rod Sears, Lingbu Kong, A.S. Rokanuzzaman, Donald P. McCollor and Steven A. B
Pág. 1035 - 1043  

Assessing slagging and fouling during biomass combustion: A thermodynamic approach allowing for alkali/ash reactions
D. Nutalapati, R. Gupta, B. Moghtaderi and T.F.
Pág. 1044 - 1052  

Development of an ash particle deposition model considering build-up and removal mechanisms
Kjell Strandström, Christian Mueller and Mikko
Pág. 1053 - 1060  

Trace element speciation in combustion processes¿Review and compilations of thermodynamic data
Karin Lundholm, Anders Nordin and Rainer Ba
Pág. 1061 - 1070  

Characterising ash of biomass and waste
A.A. Tortosa Masiá, B.J.P. Buhre, R.P. Gupta and T.F.
Pág. 1071 - 1081  

Ash deposition impacts in the power industry
N.S. Harding and D.C. O'C
Pág. 1082 - 1093  

Managing slagging at Monroe Power Plant using on-line coal analysis and fuel blending
David Tillman and Dao
Pág. 1094 - 1098  

Thermomechanical analysis of laboratory ash, combustion ash and deposits from coal combustion
Yinghui Liu, Rajender Gupta, Liza Elliott, Terry Wall and Toshiro Fuj
Pág. 1099 - 1107  

Deposit characteristic after injection of additives to a Danish straw-fired suspension boiler
Lasse Tobiasen, Randi Skytte, Lars Storm Pedersen, Søren Thaaning Pedersen and Martin A. Lin
Pág. 1108 - 1117  

Quantification of the release of inorganic elements from biofuels
Flemming J. Frandsen, Simone C. van Lith, Rob Korbee, Patrik Yrjas, Rainer Backman, Ingwald Obernberger, Thomas Brunner and Markus J
Pág. 1118 - 1128  

Development and evaluation of a long-term deposit probe for on-line monitoring of deposit growth
Anders Brink, Tor Laurén, Patrik Yrjas, Mikko Hupa and Joachim Friesenbi
Pág. 1129 - 1135  

Modeling of aerosol formation during biomass combustion for various furnace and boiler types
Markus Jöller, Thomas Brunner and Ingwald Obernb
Pág. 1136 - 1147  

Ash deposition at higher levels of coal replacement by biomass
Fraser Wigley, Jim Williamson, Alf Malmgren and Gerry
Pág. 1148 - 1154  

The occurrence of inorganic elements in various biofuels and its effect on ash chemistry and behavior and use in combustion products
Sharon Falcone Miller and Bruce G. M
Pág. 1155 - 1164  

Comprehensive study of biomass fly ash in concrete: Strength, microscopy, kinetics and durability
Shuangzhen Wang and Larry B
Pág. 1165 - 1170  

Sulfation of corrosive alkali chlorides by ammonium sulfate in a biomass fired CFB boiler
Markus Broström, Håkan Kassman, Anna Helgesson, Magnus Berg, Christer Andersson, Rainer Backman and Anders N
Pág. 1171 - 1177  

High temperature corrosion in a 65MW waste to energy plant
Kristoffer Persson, Markus Broström, Jörgen Carlsson, Anders Nordin and Rainer Ba
Pág. 1178 - 1182