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Volumen 85 Número 1-3 Parte 0 Año 2007

Production of magnesium carbonates from serpentinite for long-term storage of CO2
Sebastian Teir, Rein Kuusik, Carl-Johan Fogelholm and Ron Zeven
Pág. 1 - 15  

CFD model of a self-aerating flotation cell
P.T.L. Koh and M.P. Sc
Pág. 16 - 24  

Surface characteristics and flotation behaviour of platinum and palladium arsenides
N.J. Shackleton, V. Malysiak and C.T. O'C
Pág. 25 - 40  

Characterization of the high kinetic energy dissipation of the Flocs Generator Reactor (FGR)
E. Carissimi, J.D. Miller and J.
Pág. 41 - 49  

Extension of particle stratification model to incorporate particle size effects
B. Venkob
Pág. 50 - 58