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Volumen 188 Número 5 Parte Año 2006

Corneal multiphoton microscopy and intratissue optical nanosurgery by nanojoule femtosecond near-infrared pulsed lasers
Bao-Gui Wang and Karl-Juergen Halbhuber
Pág. 395 - 409  

Ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) in the olfactory system of rats and mice
Tobias Langenhan
Pág. 411 - 413  

Detection of retroviruses in a calvaria of a young mouse
Bernd Zimmermann
Pág. 415 - 419  

A scanning electron microscopic study of nasal respiratory epithelium in pregnant rats
Gül Güven and Cahide Ortug
Pág. 421 - 424  

Microvascular abnormalities in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Giuseppe A. Scardina and Pietro Messina
Pág. 425 - 429  

Three-dimensional characteristics of submandibular salivary gland of ageing rats: An HRSEM study
Tsunae Elizabeth D¿Avola, Koichi Ogawa, Micena Roberta Miranda Alves e Silva, Aracy Akiko Motoyama, Edgar Inácio, Bruno König Junior and Ii-sei Watanabe
Pág. 431 - 438  

Ultramicroscopic study on the hair of newly found 15th century mummy in Daejeon, Korea
Byung Soo Chang, Chang Sub Uhm, Chang Hyun Park, Han Kyeom Kim, Gui Young Lee, Han Hee Cho, Yoon Hee Chung and Dong Hoon Shin
Pág. 439 - 445  

Bilateral accessory thoracodorsal artery
Konstantinos Natsis, Trifon Totlis, Prokopios Tsikaras and Panagiotis Skandalakis
Pág. 447 - 449  

Case report: Description of a venous annulus of the external iliac vein
Gabriel Djedovic and Diana Putz
Pág. 451 - 453  

Complex renal vascular variation: A case report
Ercan Tanyeli, Mehmet Üzel and Ali Ihsan Soyluoglu
Pág. 455 - 458  

Age-related changes in the anatomical landmarks of the osseous epipharynx
Jelena Krmpotic-Nemanic, Ivan Vinter, Tin Ehrenfreund and Ana Maru¿ic
Pág. 459 - 467  

An unusual variation of the omohyoid muscle and review of literature
Eyüp Savas Hatipoglu, Piraye Kervancioglu and Mehmet Cudi Tuncer
Pág. 469 - 472  

Anomalous muscle belly to the index finger
Sujatha D¿Costa, Jiji, Soubhagya R. Nayak, R. Sivanadan and Abhishek
Pág. 473 - 475  

A quantitative study on the sacrum of the dog
Mehmet Kamil Ocal, Osman Caglar Ortanca and Ugur Parin
Pág. 477 - 482