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Volumen 148 Número 1 Parte 0 Año 2008

Climatic changes in Central Italy and their potential effects on corn water consumption
Francesca Todisco, Lorenzo Vergni
Pág. 1 - 11  

High-resolution spatial interpolation of weather generator parameters using local weighted regressions
Daniel S. Wilks
Pág. 111 - 120  

Comparison of horizontal and vertical advective CO2 fluxes at three forest sites
Christian Feigenwinter, Christian Bernhofer, Uwe Eichelmann, Bernard Heinesch, Martin Hertel, Dalibor Janous, Olaf Kolle, Fredrik Lagergren, Anders Lindroth, Stefano Minerbi, Uta Moderow, Meelis Mölder, Leonardo Montagnani, Ronald Queck, Corinna Rebmann,
Pág. 12 - 24  

Rainfall interception by two deciduous Mediterranean forests of contrasting stature in Slovenia
Mojca ¿raj, Mitja Brilly, Matja¿ Miko¿
Pág. 121 - 134  

Soil respiration fluxes in relation to photosynthetic activity in broad-leaf and needle-leaf forest stands
Fernando E. Moyano, Werner L. Kutsch, Corinna Rebmann
Pág. 135 - 143  

Diurnal and seasonal variations of UV radiation on the northern edge of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Xiaoyong Cui, Song Gu, Xinquan Zhao, Jing Wu, Tomomichi Kato, Yanhong Tang
Pág. 144 - 151  

A simple model for estimating the Bowen ratio from climatic factors for determining latent and sensible heat flux
P.J. Perez, F. Castellvi, A. Martínez-Cob
Pág. 25 - 37  

Statistical properties of random CO2 flux measurement uncertainty inferred from model residuals
Andrew D. Richardson, Miguel D. Mahecha, Eva Falge, Jens Kattge, Antje M. Moffat, Dario Papale, Markus Reichstein, Vanessa J. Stauch, Bobby H. Braswell, Galina Churkina, Bart Kruijt, David Y. Hollinger
Pág. 38 - 50  

Patterns in CO2 gas exchange capacity of grassland ecosystems in the Alps
Yue-Lin Li, J. Tenhunen, K. Owen, M. Schmitt, M. Bahn, M. Droesler, D. Otieno, M. Schmidt, Th. Gruenwald, M.Z. Hussain, H. Mirzae, Ch. Bernhofer
Pág. 51 - 68  

Net ecosystem CO2 exchange in a temperate cattail marsh in relation to biophysical properties
Marie-Claude Bonneville, Ian B. Strachan, Elyn R. Humphreys, Nigel T. Roulet
Pág. 69 - 81  

Analysis of short-term closure of the surface energy balance above short vegetation
D. Cava, D. Contini, A. Donateo, P. Martano
Pág. 82 - 93  

Global warming, rice production, and water use in China: Developing a probabilistic assessment
Fulu Tao, Yousay Hayashi, Zhao Zhang, Toshihiro Sakamoto, Masayuki Yokozawa
Pág. 94 - 110