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Volumen 133 Número 12 Parte 0 Año 2011

Determination of the Heat Release Distribution in Turbulent Flames by a model Based Correction of OH* Chemiluminescence
Martin Lauer, Mathieu Zellhuber, Thomas Sattelmayer and Christopher J. Aul

Experimental and Numerical Study of Nox Formation From the Lean Premixed Combustion of CH4 Mixed With CO2 and N2
K. Boyd Fackler, Megan F. Karalus, Igor V. Novosselov, John C. Kramlich and Philip C. Malte

Experimental Analyses of Soot Formation and Oxidation in a Gas Turbine Model Combustor Using Laser Diagnostics
Klaus Peter Geigle, Jochen Zerbs, Markus Köhler, Michael Stöhr and Wolfgang Meier

Combustor Design Optimization Using Co-Kriging of Steady and Unsteady Turbulent Combustion
Moresh J. Wankhede, Neil W. Bressloff and Andy J. Keane

A Computationally Efficient Methodology of Generating Training Data for a Transient Neural Network of a Tip-Jet Reaction Drive System
Brian K. Kestner, Jimmy C.M. Tai and Dimitri N. Mavris

Constrained Sparse Estimation for Improved Fault Isolation
S. Borguet an O. Léonard

Mechanical Properties of Titania-Doped Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (TiYSZ) for Use as Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC)
M. Kibsey, J. Romualdez, X. Huang, R. Kearsey and Q. Yang

CFD Optimization of Gas-Side Flow Channel Configuration Inside a High Temperature Bayonet Tube Heat Exchanger With Inner and Outer fins
Ting Ma, Min Zeng, Yanpeng Ji and Qiuwang Wang

Spring Stiffness Selection Criteria for Nozzle Check Valves Employed in Compressor Stations
K.K. Botros

Single Versus Dual Recycle System Dynamics of High Pressure Ratio, Low Inertia Centrifugal Compressor Stations
K.K. Botros