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Volumen 133 Número 12 Parte 0 Año 2011

A Framework for Building Dimensionless Behavioral Models to Aid in Function-Based Failure Propagation Analysis
Eric Coatanéa, Sarayut Nonsiri, Tuomas Ritola, Irem Y. Tumer, and David C. Jensen

A Functional Classification Framework for the Conceptual Design of Additive Manufacturing Technologies
Christopher B. Williams, Farrokh Mistree, and David W. Rosen

Generation of Hypoid Gears on CNC Hypoid Generator
Vilmos V. Simon

Cantilever Snap-Fit Performance Analysis for Haptic Evaluation
Jingjing Ji, Kok-Meng Lee, and Shuyou Zhang

Role of Conservative Moving Least Squares Methods in Reliability Based Design Optimization: A Mathematical Foundation
Jongsoo Lee and Chang Yong Song

Design of a Novel 4-DOF Kinematotropic Hybrid Parallel Manipulator
Qiang Zeng, Yuefa Fang, and Kornel F. Ehmann

Multi-Objective Ease-Off Optimization of Hypoid Gears for Their Efficiency, Noise, and Durability Performances
Alessio Artoni, Marco Gabiccini, Massimo Guiggiani, and Ahmet Kahraman

An Optimum Flexible Linkage Design of a Fully Variable Electromechanical Valve Actuation System for Internal Combustion Engines
D. T. Hossein Rokni, Rudolf J. Seethaler, and Abbas S. Milani

A Note on Flow Regimes and Churning Loss Modeling
C. Changenet, G. Leprince, F. Ville, and P. Velex

Design of Revolute Joints for In-Mold Assembly Using Insert Molding
Arvind Ananthanarayanan, Leicester Ehrlich, Jaydev P. Desai, and Satyandra K. Gupta