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Volumen 57 Número 1 Parte Año 2006

Determination of thickness, density and roughness of Co¿Ni¿Al single and multiple layer films deposited by high-vacuum e-beam evaporation on different substrates
O. Baake, R.M. Öksüzoglu, S. Flege, P.S. Hoffmann, S. Gottschalk, H. Fuess and H.M. Ortner
Pág. 12 - 16  

Alternative methods for determination of composition and porosity in abradable materials
Jirí Matejícek, Blahoslav Kolman, Jirí Dubský, Karel Neufuss, Noel Hopkins and Jochen Zwick
Pág. 17 - 29  

Pre-treated and treated hydrothermal preparation of NaVP2O7·H2O crystalline material and its characterization
M.J. Mahesh, G.S. Gopalakrishna and Ashamanjari
Pág. 30 - 35  

Quantitative characterization of porosity in stainless steel LENS powders and deposits
D.F. Susan, J.D. Puskar, J.A. Brooks and C.V. Robino
Pág. 36 - 43  

Characterization by XRD and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) of waste materials from ¿Cerro Matoso¿ Mine (Colombia)
Y. Hernández, J.G. Carriazo and O. Almanza
Pág. 44 - 49  

Effects of impurities on alumina¿niobium interfacial microstructures
Joseph T. McKeown, Joshua D. Sugar, Ronald Gronsky and Andreas M. Glaeser
Pág. 50 - 57  

Rotating¿bending fatigue of a laser-welded superelastic NiTi alloy wire
X.J. Yan, D.Z. Yang and M. Qi
Pág. 58 - 63  

Heat treatment effects on creep behavior of polycrystalline SiC fibers
J.J. Sha, J.S. Park, T. Hinoki and A. Kohyama
Pág. 6 - 11  

Recent advances in FIB¿TEM specimen preparation techniques
Jian Li, T. Malis and S. Dionne
Pág. 64 - 70