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Volumen 57 Número 2 Parte Año 2006

Effect of friction stir processing on the fatigue properties of a Zr-modified 2014 aluminium alloy
P. Cavaliere
Pág. 100 - 104  

Raman analysis of aluminum nitride at high temperature
Xiaojun Li, Candong Zhou, Guochang Jiang and Jinglin You
Pág. 105 - 110  

Defect characterization in the diamond cutting tools
Muzaffer Zeren and Sadi Karagöz
Pág. 111 - 114  

Grain refinement and grain coarsening of undercooled Fe¿Co alloy
Ning Liu, Gencang Yang, Feng Liu, Yuzeng Chen, Changlin Yang, Yiping Lu, Da Chen and Yaohe Zhou
Pág. 115 - 120  

Electroplating of low stress permalloy for MEMS
Yong-hua Zhang, Gui-fu Ding, Yu-li Cai, Hong Wang and Bingchu Cai
Pág. 121 - 126  

Effect of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of cold rolled C¿Mn¿Si TRIP-aided steel
Ashok Kumar Srivastava, G. Jha, N. Gope and S.B. Singh
Pág. 127 - 135  

Mechanical properties of bovine cortical bone at high strain rate
F. Ferreira, M.A. Vaz and J.A. Simões
Pág. 71 - 79  

Characterization of metallic micro rod arrays fabricated by µMIM
B.Y. Tay, L. Liu, N.H. Loh, S.B. Tor, Y. Murakoshi and R. Maeda
Pág. 80 - 85  

Microstructural evolution in a Ni¿Cr¿Co based superalloy during cooling from the melt
H. Kazdal Zeytin, A. Arslan Kaya and A. Tekín
Pág. 86 - 93  

Characterization of prealloyed copper powders treated in high energy ball mill
Viseslava Rajkovic, Dusan Bozic and Milan T. Jovanovic
Pág. 94 - 99