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Volumen 119 Número 539 Parte 0 Año 2009

The Quality of Entrepreneurs*
Hans K. Hvide
Pág. 1010 - 1035  

Strategic Disclosure of Research Results: The Cost of Proving Your Honesty*
Emeric Henry
Pág. 1036 - 1064  

On the Number and the Composition of Varieties*
Yasusada Murata
Pág. 1065 - 1087  

Well-being and Affluence in the Presence of a Veblen Good*
B. Curtis Eaton, Mukesh Eswaran
Pág. 1088 - 1104  

The Effects of Labour Market Policies in an Economy with an Informal Sector*
James Albrecht, Lucas Navarro, Susan Vroman
Pág. 1105 - 1129  

Skill Signalling with Product Market Externality*
Mikko Leppämäki, Mikko Mustonen
Pág. 1130 - 1142  

The Welfare Effects of Tax Competition Reconsidered: Politicians and Political Institutions
Eckhard Janeba, Guttorm Schjelderup
Pág. 1143 - 1161  

Exchange and Specialisation as a Discovery Process
Sean Crockett, Vernon L. Smith, Bart J. Wilson
Pág. 1162 - 1188  

Conflict as a Part of the Bargaining Process*
Santiago Sánchez-Pagés
Pág. 1189 - 1207  

High Compensation Creates a Ratchet Effect*
Hans Gersbach, Amihai Glazer
Pág. 1208 - 1224  

A Simple Model of Self-Assessment*
Silvia Dominguez-Martinez, Otto H. Swank
Pág. 1225 - 1241  

The Impact of Simple Institutions in Experimental Economies with Poverty Traps*
C. Mónica Capra, Tomomi Tanaka, Colin F. Camerer, Lauren Feiler, Veronica Sovero, Charles N. Noussair
Pág. 977 - 1009