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Volumen 7 Número 0 Parte 0 Año 2017

Multi-Level Land Cover Change Analysis in the Forest-Savannah Transition Zone of the Kintampo Municipality, Ghana
Raymond Aabeyir, Wilson Agyei Agyare, Michael J. C. Weir, Stephen Adu-Bredu
Pág. 1 - 11  

Condition, Tendency, and Dynamic Interactions in a Resilience Context of a Social-Ecological System
Carolin Antoni, Elisabeth Huber-Sannwald, Humberto Reyes Hernández, Anuschka van´t Hooft
Pág. 12 - 21  

Tracing Anthropogenic Disturbances of a Wetland Through Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Analyses in Sediments
F. Virginia Pérez-Castillo, M. Catalina Alfaro-De la Torre, Rebeca Y. Pérez-Rodriguez, Francisco A. Comín Sebastián
Pág. 22 - 29  

Implementation of Fuzzy Sets in the Non-Isothermal Pyrolysis of Biomass
Alok Dhaundiyal, Suraj B. Singh
Pág. 30 - 37  

Land Use/Land Cover Factor Values and Accuracy Assessment Using a GIS and Remote Sensing in the Case of the Quashay Watershed in Northwestern Ethiopia
Habtamu Tadele, Asnake Mekuriaw, Yihenew G. Selassie, Lewoye Tsegaye
Pág. 38 - 44  

Combination of MODIS Vegetation Indices, GRACE Terrestrial Water Storage Changes, and In-Situ Measurements for Drought Assessment in Cagayan River Basin, Philippines
Anjillyn Mae C. Perez, Ariel C. Blanco
Pág. 45 - 55  

Impact of Urbanization and Climate Change on Urban Flooding: A case of the Kathmandu Valley
Inu Pradhan-Salike, Jiba Raj Pokharel
Pág. 56 - 66  

Profile Characteristics of Watershed Farmers and the Extent of Adoption of NRM Practices in Watershed Areas of the Andhra Pradesh State
Archana Palle, M. Jagan Mohan Reddy, I. Sreenivasa Rao
Pág. 67 - 72  

The Role of Trust-building in Fostering Cooperation in the Eastern Nile Basin: A Case of Experimental Game Application
Mahsa Motlagh, Anik Bhaduri, Janos J. Bogardi, Lars Ribbe
Pág. 73 - 83  

Participation of Urban Women in Agricultural Production Activities in the Sokoto Metropolis, Nigeria
Barau, A. A., Oladeji, D. O.
Pág. 84 - 90  

Capacity of Albit® Plant Growth Stimulator for Mitigating Side-effects of Pesticides on Soil Microbial Respiration
Natalia N. Karpun, Eleonora B. Yanushevskaya, Yelena V. Mikhailova, Pedro Mondaca, Alexander Neaman
Pág. 91 - 95  

Adaptive Thermal Comfort in Learning Spaces: A Study of the Cold Period in Ensenada, Baja California
Julio Rincón, Gonzalo Bojórquez, Víctor Fuentes, Claudia Calderón
Pág. 96 - 107