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Volumen 5 Número 1 Parte 0 Año 2017

The endurance test: A virtual project team?s lived experience in an online project management course
Michael F. Lohle, Steven Terrell
Pág. 1 - 13  

Challenging the six-minute myth of online video lectures: Can interactivity expand the attention span of learners?
Nitza Geri, Amir Winer, Beni Zaks
Pág. 101 - 111  

Application of semantic network visualization as a managerial support instrument in financial analyses
Helena Dudycz
Pág. 112 - 128  

Social media sites privacy concerns: Empirical validation of an instrument
Alex Koohang
Pág. 14 - 26  

Strong password? Not with your social network data!
Ruti Gafni, Tal Pavel, Raz Margolin, Ben Weiss
Pág. 27 - 41  

Uncovering the pathways to e-learning success: A qualitative approach
Nuno Pena, Carla Curado
Pág. 42 - 56  

Big data and privacy: The study of privacy invasion acceptance in the world of big data
Jedrzej Wieczorkowski, Przemyslaw Polak
Pág. 57 - 71  

Investigating incentives that encouraged and can encourage Polish and UK-based prosumers to engage in knowledge sharing
Ewa Ziemba, Monika Eisenbardt, Roisin Mullins, Dariusz Grabara
Pág. 72 - 100