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Volumen 45 Número 11 Parte 0 Año 2012

Starting a Business: Which Entity Structure Is Best for You?
Gaff, B.M.; Fryzel, K.P.
Pág. 10  

Big Iron Moves Toward Exascale Computing
Leavitt, N.
Pág. 14  

Using In-Memory Analytics to Quickly Crunch Big Data
Garber, L.
Pág. 16  

The Move Toward Electronic Health Records
Sobel, Ann E.K.
Pág. 22  

Electronic Health Records: The HHS Perspective
Fridsma, D.
Pág. 24  

Personal Health Records: New Means to Safely Handle Health Data?
Carrio´n, I.; Alema´n, J.L.F.; Toval, A.
Pág. 27  

Electronic Case Records in a Box: Integrating Patient Data in Healthcare Networks
Kuhlisch, R.; Kraufmann, B.; Restel, H.
Pág. 34  

Fusion: Managing Healthcare Records at Cloud Scale
Basu, S.; Karp, A.H.; Jun Li; Pruyne, J.; Rolia, J.; Singhal, S.; Suermondt, J.; Swaminathan, R.
Pág. 42  

Testing the Nation's Healthcare Information Infrastructure: NIST Perspective
Brady, K.; Sriram, R.D.; Lide, B.; Roberts, K.
Pág. 50  

Debugging on the Shoulders of Giants: Von Neumann's Programs 65 Years Later
Fagin, B.; Skrien, D.
Pág. 59  

China's Indigenous Innovation Policy: Impact on Multi-national R&D
Dedrick, J.; Jian Tang; Kraemer, K.L.
Pág. 70  

Sustainable IT: Challenges, Postures, and Outcomes
Curry, E.; Guyon, B.; Sheridan, C.; Donnellan, B.
Pág. 79  

Stratfor or Stratagainst
Berghel, Hal
Pág. 82  

Biometric Authentication: System Security and User Privacy
Jain, A.K.; Nandakumar, K.
Pág. 87  

Customer Service 2.0: Where Social Computing Meets Customer Relations
Bi, F.; Konstan, J.A.
Pág. 93