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Volumen 60 Número 9 Parte 0 Año 2009

Synthesis of ¿ silicon nitride single-crystalline nanowires by nitriding cryomilled nanocrystalline silicon powder
Fei Chen, Ying Li, Wei Liu, Qiang Shen, Lianmeng Zhang, Qing Jiang, Enrique J. Lavernia, Julie M. Schoenung
Pág. 737 - 740  

Spark-plasma-sintering of double-walled carbon nanotube¿magnesia nanocomposites
F. Legorreta Garcia, C. Estournès, A. Peigney, A. Weibel, E. Flahaut, Ch. Laurent
Pág. 741 - 744  

Novel current-activated tip-based sintering (CATS): Localization of spark plasma sintering
K. Morsi, K.S. Moon, S. Kassegne, R. Ugle, E. Villar
Pág. 745 - 748  

Production of TiNi amorphous/nanocrystalline wires with high strength and elastic modulus by severe cold drawing
Koichi Tsuchiya, Yasufumi Hada, Tamotsu Koyano, Kiyomi Nakajima, Masahito Ohnuma, Tadahiro Koike, YoshikazuTodaka, Minoru Umemoto
Pág. 749 - 752  

Evidence of formation of LiBH4 by high-energy ball milling of LiH and B in a hydrogen atmosphere
F. Agresti, A. Khandelwal
Pág. 753 - 755  

Influence of TiB2 content and powder size on the dielectric property of TiB2/Al2O3 composites
Peng Li, Wancheng Zhou, Jiankun Zhu, Fa Luo, Dongmei Zhu
Pág. 760 - 763  

Direct evidence for Cu concentration variation and its correlation to coercivity in Sm(Co0.74Fe0.1Cu0.12Zr.04)7.4 ribbons
R. Gopalan, K. Hono, A. Yan, O. Gutfleisch
Pág. 764 - 767  

Effect of pseudo cross-rolling on the recrystallization texture of a continuous cast Al¿Mg alloy
Wenchang Liu, Xingyi Li, Xiangcai Meng
Pág. 768 - 771  

Rare twin linked to high-pressure phase transition in iron
L.M. Dougherty, G.T. Gray III, E.K. Cerreta, R.J. McCabe, R.D. Field, J.F. Bingert
Pág. 772 - 775  

High-strength Mg¿Zn¿Y alloys produced by powder metallurgy
E. Mora, G. Garcés, E. Oñorbe, P. Pérez, P. Adeva
Pág. 776 - 779  

Modelling of microstructure evolution in transient-liquid-phase diffusion bonding under temperature gradient
M.A. Jabbareh, H. Assadi
Pág. 780 - 782  

Dual ferroelasticity of lanthanum chromium-based multicomponent solid solution perovskite
Nina Orlovskaya, Mykola Lugovy, Dmytro Verbylo, Michael John Reece
Pág. 783 - 786  

The interfacial structure of self-assembled DySi2 nanostructures grown on Si(0 0 1)
Dong Qiu, Patrick M. Kelly, Ming-Xing Zhang
Pág. 787 - 790  

The crystallography of continuous precipitates with a newly observed orientation relationship in an Mg¿Al-based alloy
O. Zheng, J.P. Zhou, D.S. Zhao, J.B. Wang, R.H. Wang, J.N. Gui, D.X. Xiong, Z.F. Sun
Pág. 791 - 794  

Nanoscale morphologies on the fracture surface of bulk metallic glasses in the supercooled liquid region
L.F. Liu, H.A. Zhang, H.Q. Li, G.Y. Zhang
Pág. 795 - 798  

Transmission electron microscopy study of an electron-beam-induced phase transformation of niobium nitride
Jonghan Won, James A. Valdez, Muneyuki Naito, Manabu Ishimaru, Kurt E. Sickafus
Pág. 799 - 802  

Evaluation of thermal fatigue damage of 200-nm-thick Au interconnect lines
M. Wang, B. Zhang, G.P. Zhang, C.S. Liu
Pág. 803 - 806  

Micropillar compression of ceramics at elevated temperatures
S. Korte, W.J. Clegg
Pág. 807 - 810  

Tantalum-containing Z-phase in 12%Cr martensitic steels
Hilmar Kjartansson Danielsen, John Hald
Pág. 811 - 813  

High temperature soft magnetic property of the nanocrystalline Fe44Co44Zr7B5 alloy arising from Ge addition
Yao Sun, Li Zhong, Xiaofang Bi
Pág. 814 - 817  

Fabrication, hydrogen storage properties and mechanistic study of nanostructured Mg50Co50 body-centered cubic alloy
Huaiyu Shao, Kohta Asano, Hirotoshi Enoki, Etsuo Akiba
Pág. 818 - 821  

Enhanced plasticity by phase separation in CuZrAl bulk metallic glass with micro-addition of Fe
J. Pan, L. Liu, K.C. Chan
Pág. 822 - 825  

Interaction domains in high-performance NdFeB thick films
T.G. Woodcock, K. Khlopkov, A. Walther, N.M. Dempsey, D. Givord, L. Schultz, O. Gutfleisch
Pág. 826 - 829  

Characterization of relaxor ferroelectric behavior in the (1 ¿ x
Zujian Wang, Xiuzhi Li, Xifa Long, Zuo-Guang Ye
Pág. 830 - 833