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Volumen 40 Número 2 Parte 0 Año 2012

Does Scots pine seed colour affect its germination?
Mukassabi, T.A.; Polwart, A.; Coleshaw, T.; Thomas, P.A.
Pág. 155 - 162  

Morphophysiological dormancy and germination in seeds of the Azorean tree Picconia azorica
Martins, J.M.; Moreira, O.C.B.; Rainha, N.F.P.; Baptista, J.A.B.; Silva, L.; Moura, M.M.T.
Pág. 163 - 176  

Effect of three anthocyaninless genes on germination ability of the brown seed (bs) mutant in tomato
Kartzeva, T.; Balacheva, E.; Atanassova, B.; Molle, E.
Pág. 177 - 184  

The effect of time of harvest, irrigation treatments and kilning temperature on Eucalyptus globulus seed germination response to high temperature stress
Rix, K.D.; Gracie, A.J.; Potts, B.M.; Brown, P.H.; Spurr, C.J.; Gore, P.L.
Pág. 185 - 199  

Development and storage of recalcitrant seeds of Hopea hainanensis
Lan, Q.Y.; Luo, Y.L.; Ma, S.M.; Lu, X.; Yang, M.Z.; Tan, Y.H.; Jiang, X.N.; Tan, Y.P.; Wang, X.F.; Li, Z. Y.
Pág. 200 - 208  

Genetic purity testing of loose-curd cauliflower hybrids using SSR markers and grow out test
Zhao, Z.; Gu, H.; Sheng, X.; Yu, H.; Wang, J.; Cao, J.
Pág. 209 - 214  

Optimising tetrazolium test procedures to evaluate the physiological potential of peanut seeds
Santos, J.F.; Sanches, M.F.G.; Barbosa, M.; Leão, E.F.; Vieira, R.D.
Pág. 215 - 228  

Electrical conductivity measurement to predict germination of commercially available radish seed lots
Demir, I.; Cebeci, C.; Guloksuz, T.
Pág. 229 - 237  

Arrest of cell cycle associated with delayed radicle emergence in deteriorated cucumber seed
Onwimol, D.; Chanprame, S.; Thongket, T.
Pág. 238 - 247  

Effect of osmopriming treatments with mannitol on cottonseed germination performance under suboptimal conditions
Papastylianou, P.T.; Karamanos, A.J.
Pág. 248 - 258  

Mobilisation of reserves during germination of seeds of Tabebuia roseo-alba (Bignoniaceae)
Abbade, L.C.; Takaki, M.
Pág. 259 - 264  

Effect of stratification and scarification treatments on the germination of oriental hornbeam (Carpinus orientalis) seeds
Merou, T.; Takos, I.; Varsamis, G.; Xofis, P.
Pág. 265 - 270  

Priming with moringa leaf extract reduces imbibitional chilling injury in spring maize
Afzal, I.; Hussain, B.; Basra, S.M.A.; Rehman, H.
Pág. 271 - 276