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Volumen 88 Número 5 Parte 0 Año 2010

Application of support vector regression for developing soft sensors for nonlinear processes
Saneej B. Chitralekha and Sirish L. Shah
Pág. 696 - 709  

Fluidization characteristics of printed circuit board plastic particles with different sizes
Qingjie Guo, Yongzhuo Liu and Minghua Wang
Pág. 710 - 717  

Soret and thermosolutal effects on natural convection in a vertical cavity filled with a binary mixture
Z. Alloui, A. Merabtine and P. Vasseur
Pág. 718 - 727  

Feasibility study and CFD-aided design for a new type oxidation ditch based on airlift circulation
Nong Xu, Long Fan, Hongtao Pang and Hanchang Shi
Pág. 728 - 741  

Co-current descending two-phase flows in inclined packed beds: Experiments versus simulations
Arnab Atta, Markus Schubert, K. D. P. Nigam, S. Roy and Faïçal Larachi
Pág. 742 - 750  

Experimental and theoretical study of gas hydrate formation in a high-pressure flow loop
Mohammad Sarshar, Jamshid Fathikalajahi and Ferreidun Esmaeilzadeh
Pág. 751 - 757  

Unified correlation for overall gas hold-up in bubble column reactors for various gas¿liquid systems using hybrid genetic algorithm-support vector regression technique
Ankit B. Gandhi and Jyeshtharaj B. Joshi
Pág. 758 - 776  

Kinetics of non-isothermal decomposition of basic cobalt carbonate
Bingguo Liu, Jinhui Peng, Libo Zhang, Wei Li and Liexing Zhou
Pág. 777 - 782  

A lab-scale reaction calorimeter for olefin polymerization
Virginie F. Tisse, Nida Sheibat-Othman and Timothy F. L. McKenna
Pág. 783 - 792  

Gas holdup in a two-phase reversed flow jet loop reactor
S. M. Wagh, K. V. Koranne, R. B. Mankar and R. L. Sonolikar
Pág. 793 - 800  

Simulation of hydrodesulfurization using artificial neural network
Weizhi Wang, Qikai Zhang, Lianhui Ding and Ying Zheng
Pág. 801 - 807  

Prediction of slip velocity in a Hanson mixer- settler extraction column
E. Hashtochahar, S. J. Safdari, A. Haghighi-Asl and M. Torab-Mostaedi
Pág. 808 - 817  

Determination of tanshinone I, tanshinone IIA, and cryptotanshinone in Salvia miltiorrhiza bunge and urine sample by HPLC
Minglei Tian and Kyung Ho Row
Pág. 818 - 821  

Drying of solids; estimation of the mathematical model parameters
Aleksandra Sander, Jasna Prlic Kardum and Antun Glasnovic
Pág. 822 - 829  

Bitumen content estimation of Athabasca oil sand from broad band infrared reflectance spectra
B. Rivard, D. Lyder, J. Feng, A. Gallie, E. Cloutis, P. Dougan, S. Gonzalez, D. Cox and M.G. Lipsett
Pág. 830 - 838  

Retrofit of absorption heat pumps into manufacturing processes: Implementation guidelines
Bahador Bakhtiari, Louis Fradette, Robert Legros and Jean Paris
Pág. 839 - 848  

Mass transfer and mixing characteristics in an airlift-driven fibrous-bed bioreactor
Peter M. Kilonzo, Argyrios Margaritis and Maurice A. Bergougnou
Pág. 849 - 866  

Mercury speciation and emission from the coal-fired power plant filled with flue gas desulfurization equipment
Yunjun Wang, Yufeng Duan, Liguo Yang, Zhijun Huang, Suli Meng and Changsui Zhao
Pág. 867 - 873  

Straw combustion in circulating fluidized bed at low-temperature: Transformation and distribution of potassium
Chunjiang Yu, Jianguang Qin, Jing Xu, Hu Nie, Zhongyang Luo and Kefa Cen
Pág. 874 - 880  

Optimal implementation of CO2 capture technology in power and hydrogen production for oil sands operations (pages 881¿888)
Guillermo Ordorica-Garcia, Ali Elkamel, Peter Douglas and Eric Croiset
Pág. 881 - 888  

Simulation and validation of ethanol removal from water in an adsorption packed bed: Isotherm and mass transfer parameter determination in batch studies
R. A. Jones, J. Thibault and F. H. Tezel
Pág. 889 - 898