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Volumen 27 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2010

Snag Longevity and Decay Class Development in a Recent Jack Pine Clearcut in Michigan
Corace, R. Gregory; Seefelt, Nancy E.; Goebel, P. Charles; Shaw, Heather L.
Pág. 125 - 131  

A Stocking Diagram for Midwestern Eastern Cottonwood-Silver Maple-American Sycamore Bottomland Forests
Larsen, David R.; Dey, Daniel C.; Faust, Thomas
Pág. 132 - 139  

Sawtimber Yield Tables for Pennsylvania Forest Management Planning
Gilabert, Horacio; Manning, Phillip J.; McDill, Marc E.; Sterner, Steve
Pág. 140 - 150  

Social versus Biophysical Availability of Wood in the Northern United States
Butler, Brett J.; Ma, Zhao; Kittredge, David B.; Catanzaro, Paul
Pág. 151 - 159