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Volumen 89 Número 3-4 Parte 0 Año 2007

Manganese metallurgy review. Part I: Leaching of ores/secondary materials and recovery of electrolytic/chemical manganese dioxide
Wensheng Zhang and Chu Yong
Pág. 137 - 159  

Manganese metallurgy review. Part II: Manganese separation and recovery from solution
Wensheng Zhang and Chu Yong
Pág. 160 - 177  

Manganese metallurgy review. Part III: Manganese control in zinc and copper electrolytes
Wensheng Zhang and Chu Yong
Pág. 178 - 188  

Dissolution kinetics of galena in acetic acid solutions with hydrogen peroxide
Salih Aydo¿an, Ali Aras, Gökhan Uçar and Murat Erde
Pág. 189 - 195  

Application of fluoride to enhance aluminum cementation of gold from acidic thiocyanate solution
Zhike Wang, Donghui Chen and Liang
Pág. 196 - 206  

Separation of Cr(VI) from Cr(III) in CaCl2 aqueous salt medium using hydrocarbon (as toluene, n-hexane, n-heptane or n-octane) mixed solvents of ter-butanol
Sethsiri S. Samaratunga, Jun Nishimoto and Masaaki T
Pág. 207 - 216  

Thermal decomposition kinetics and mechanism of magnesium bicarbonate aqueous solution
Yuna Zhao and Guoca
Pág. 217 - 223  

Rate of cadmium ions removal from dilute solutions by cementation on zinc using a rotating fixed bed reactor
N.K. Amin, E-S.Z. El-Ashtoukhy and O. Abdel
Pág. 224 - 232  

Density model for sodium hydroxide¿sodium aluminate solutions
Jacob G. Reynolds and Robert C
Pág. 233 - 241  

Estimation methods for efficiency of additive in removing impurity in hydrometallurgical purification process
Seong-in Kim, Kee-Eung Kim, Eun-Kyung Park, Seung-Wook Song and Shin
Pág. 242 - 252  

Palladium stripping rates in PGM refining
J.H. Brits and D.A. D
Pág. 253 - 259  

Leaching of sulfide copper ore in a NaCl¿H2SO4¿O2 media with acid pre-treatment
O. Herreros and J. V
Pág. 260 - 268  

Optimum reactor configuration for prevention of gypsum scaling during continuous sulphuric acid neutralization
Jeffrey F. Adams and Vladimiros G. Papange
Pág. 269 - 278  

Reaction kinetics of gold dissolution in acid thiourea solution using ferric sulfate as oxidant
Jinshan Li and Jan D. M
Pág. 279 - 288  

Synthesis of perrhenic acid using ion exchange method
K. Leszczy¿ska-Sejda, G. Benke, A. Chmielarz, S. Krompiec, S. Michalik and M. Kro
Pág. 289 - 296  

Stripping of copper from CYANEX® 301 extract with thiourea¿hydrazine¿sodium hydroxide solution
S. Facon, F. Adekola and G.
Pág. 297 - 304  

Pelletizing and alkaline leaching of powdery low grade zinc oxide ores
Linyong Feng, Xianwan Yang, Qingfeng Shen, Mingli Xu and Bingji
Pág. 305 - 310  

Extraction of copper from ammoniacal solutions into emulsion liquid membranes using LIX 84 I®
Bina Sengupta, Mathurkumar S. Bhakhar and Ranjan Sen
Pág. 311 - 318  

Separation of Fe3+ during hydrolysis of TiO2+ by addition of EDTA
Minghua Wang, Kee-Do Woo, In-Yong Kim, Woong-Ki and Zhiton
Pág. 319 - 322  

Chloride leaching of chalcopyrite
J. Liddicoat and D. Dreis
Pág. 323 - 331  

The effect of microwave irradiations on the leaching of zinc from bulk sulphide concentrates produced from Rampura¿Agucha tailings
K. Hari Krishnan, D.B. Mohanty and K.D. S
Pág. 332 - 336  

Kinetics of sulphuric acid leaching of a zinc silicate calcine
A.D. Souza, P.S. Pina, E.V.O. Lima, C.A. da Silva and V.A.
Pág. 337 - 345  

Chemistry of the Ca¿Se(IV)¿H2O and Ca¿Se(VI)¿H2O systems at 25°C
Tadahisa Nishimura and Ryosuke
Pág. 346 - 356  

Gas transfer kinetics and redox potential considerations in oxidative precipitation of manganese from an industrial zinc sulphate solution with SO2/O2
Vincent Menard and George P. Demop
Pág. 357 - 368  

Study on the dissolution process of zinc anode in ammoniacal ammonium chloride system
Zheng Huajun, Gu Zhenghai and Zhong Ji
Pág. 369 - 373  

Elemental composition variability of clinoptilolite-rich tuff after the treatment with acid phosphate solutions
N.A. Hernández-Beltrán and M.T. O
Pág. 374 - 378