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Volumen 42 Número 11 Parte Año 2006

Quadrilateral and triangular plane elements with rotational degrees of freedom based on the hybrid Trefftz method
Yeon Seok Choo, Noori Choi and Byung Chai Lee
Pág. 1002 - 1008  

High precision shape control of plates using orthotropic piezoelectric actuators
Quantian Luo and Liyong Tong
Pág. 1009 - 1020  

Free vibration of Mindlin plates based on the relative displacement plate element
Y.Q. Ma and K.K. Ang
Pág. 1021 - 1028  

Propagation of in-plane waves in an isotropic panel with a crack
Arkadiusz Zak, Marek Krawczuk and Wieslaw Ostachowicz
Pág. 929 - 941  

Damage detection of coupled bridge deck-girder system
S. Roy, S. Chakraborty and S.K. Sarkar
Pág. 942 - 949  

Automatic element size calculation in quadrilateral finite element models of structural engineering objects
Alexander Tsvelikh and Olga Axenenko
Pág. 960 - 966  

Optimal design of cylindrical shells for enhanced buckling stability: Application to supercavitating underwater vehicles
S.S. Ahn and M. Ruzzene
Pág. 967 - 976  

Progressive crack growth analysis using interface element based on the virtual crack closure technique
De Xie and Sherrill B. Biggers, Jr.
Pág. 977 - 984  

Real-time deformation of structure using finite element and neural networks in virtual reality applications
Ridha Hambli, Abdessalam Chamekh and Hédi Bel Hadj Salah
Pág. 985 - 991  

Buckling and wrinkling of prestressed membranes
Adama Diaby, Anh Le van and Christian Wielgosz
Pág. 992 - 1001