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Volumen 74 Número 2 Parte 0 Año 2010

Distribution, abundance, and individual movements of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in the Pearl River Estuary, China
Tao Chen, Samuel K. Hung, Yongsong Qiu, Xiaoping Jia, Thomas A. Jefferson
Pág. 117  

Sources of variation in the time budgets of wild nine-banded armadillos
Kier A. Ancona, William J. Loughry
Pág. 127  

Effects of photoperiod and temperature on the body mass and the mass of reproductive organs in male Brandt's voles (Lasiopodomys brandtii)
Hongchun Liang, Ning Li, Xueli Wang, Liang Li, Dazhao Shi
Pág. 135  

Activities and social interactions in captive Antillean manatees in Mexico
Yann Hénaut, Sylvia P. Becerra Lopez, Salima Machkour-M'Rabet, Benjamín Morales-Vela, Peter Winterton, Fabienne Delfour
Pág. 141  

Diet of the garden dormouse (Eliomys quercinus Linnaeus 1766) in orange groves: seasonal variation and use of available resources
José A. Gil-Delgado, Óscar Mira, Adrià Viñals, Jaime Gómez, Nuria Banyuls, Carmen Vives-Ferrándiz
Pág. 147  

Masticatory muscle architecture in the gundi Ctenodactylus vali (Mammalia, Rodentia)
Lionel Hautier
Pág. 153  

Small mammal survey in the upper Seli River valley, Sierra Leone
Jan Decher, Ryan W. Norris, Jakob Fahr
Pág. 163  

Species limits and distribution of the Malagasy carnivoran genus Eupleres (Family Eupleridae)
Steven M. Goodman, Kristofer M. Helgen
Pág. 177  

New distributional records from central-eastern Madagascar and patterns of morphological variation in the endangered shrew tenrec Microgale jobihely (Afrosoricida: Tenrecidae)
Voahangy Soarimalala, Martin Raheriarisena, Steven M. Goodman
Pág. 187  

Unexpected morphometric differentiation of the Algerian mouse, Mus spretus (Rodentia: Muridae) from Kabylie of Djurdjura (Algeria)
Nora Khammes-El Homsi, Stéphane Aulagnier
Pág. 199