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Volumen 141 Número 5 Parte 0 Año 2012

Dam Removal Increases American Eel Abundance in Distant Headwater Streams
Nathaniel P. Hitt, Sheila Eyler & John E. B. Wofford
Pág. 1171 - 1179  

Quantifying Cumulative Entrainment Effects for Chinook Salmon in a Heavily Irrigated Watershed
Annika W. Walters, Damon M. Holzer, James R. Faulkner, Charles D. Warren, Patrick D. Murphy & Michelle M. McClure
Pág. 1180 - 1190  

Quantifying Latent Impacts of an Introduced Piscivore: Pulsed Predatory Inertia of Lake Trout and Decline of Kokanee
Erik R. Schoen, David A. Beauchamp & Nathanael C. Overman
Pág. 1191 - 1206  

Evidence for Parr Growth as a Factor Affecting Parr-to-Smolt Survival
William P. Connor & Kenneth F. Tiffan
Pág. 1207 - 1218  

Swimming Depth, Behavior, and Survival of Atlantic Salmon Postsmolts in Penobscot Bay, Maine
Mark D. Renkawitz, Timothy F. Sheehan & Graham S. Goulette
Pág. 1219 - 1229  

Use of Radiotelemetry and Direct Observations to Evaluate Sea Lion Predation on Adult Pacific Salmonids at Bonneville Dam
Matthew L. Keefer, Robert J. Stansell, Sean C. Tackley, William T. Nagy, Karrie M. Gibbons, Christopher A. Peery & Christopher C. Caudill
Pág. 1236 - 1251  

Largemouth Bass Selected for Differential Vulnerability to Angling Exhibit Similar Routine Locomotory Activity in Experimental Ponds
Thomas R. Binder, Michael A. Nannini, David H. Wahl, Robert Arlinghaus, Thomas Klefoth, David P. Philipp & Steven J. Cooke
Pág. 1252 - 1259  

Survival and Growth of Juvenile Pacific Lampreys Tagged with Passive Integrated Transponders (PIT) in Freshwater and Seawater
Matthew G. Mesa, Elizabeth S. Copeland, Helena E. Christiansen, Jacob L. Gregg, Sean R. Roon & Paul K. Hershberger
Pág. 1260 - 1268  

Mercury in Groupers and Sea Basses from the Gulf of Mexico: Relationships with Size, Age, and Feeding Ecology
Derek M. Tremain & Douglas H. Adams
Pág. 1274 - 1286  

Parental Effect as a Primary Factor Limiting Egg-to-Fry Survival of Spring Chinook Salmon in the Upper Yakima River Basin
Christopher L. Johnson, Philip Roni & George R. Pess
Pág. 1296 - 1309  

Estimating Abundance and Life History Characteristics of Threatened Wild Snake River Steelhead Stocks by Using Genetic Stock Identification
Matthew R. Campbell, Christine C. Kozfkay, Timothy Copeland, William C. Schrader, Michael W. Ackerman & Shawn R. Narum
Pág. 1310 - 1327  

Effects of Activity and Energy Budget Balancing Algorithm on Laboratory Performance of a Fish Bioenergetics Model
Charles P. Madenjian, Solomon R. David & Steven A. Pothoven
Pág. 1328 - 1337  

Genetic Characterization of American Shad in the Edisto River, South Carolina, and Initial Evaluation of an Experimental Stocking Program
Elizabeth Cushman, Carolyn Tarpey, Bill Post, Kent Ware & Tanya Darden
Pág. 1338 - 1348  

A Remote-Sensing, GIS-Based Approach to Identify, Characterize, and Model Spawning Habitat for Fall-Run Chum Salmon in a Sub-Arctic, Glacially Fed River
Lisa Wirth, Amanda Rosenberger, Anupma Prakash, Rudiger Gens, F. Joseph Margraf & Toshihide Hamazaki
Pág. 1349 - 1363  

Estimating and Predicting Collection Probability of Fish at Dams Using Multistate Modeling
John M. Plumb, William P. Connor, Kenneth F. Tiffan, Christine M. Moffitt, Russell W. Perry & Noah S. Adams
Pág. 1364 - 1373  

Genetically Derived Estimates of Contemporary Natural Straying Rates and Historical Gene Flow among Lake Michigan Lake Sturgeon Populations
Jared J. Homola, Kim T. Scribner, Robert F. Elliott, Michael C. Donofrio, Jeannette Kanefsky, Kregg M. Smith & James N. McNair
Pág. 1374 - 1388  

Stock Origin of Migratory Atlantic Sturgeon in Minas Basin, Inner Bay of Fundy, Canada, Determined by Microsatellite and Mitochondrial DNA Analyses
Isaac Wirgin, Lorraine Maceda, John R. Waldman, Sierra Wehrell, Michael Dadswell & Tim King
Pág. 1389 - 1398  

Conservation Genetics of Remnant Coastal Brook Trout Populations at the Southern Limit of Their Distribution: Population Structure and Effects of Stocking
Brendan Annett, Gabriele Gerlach, Timothy L. King & Andrew R. Whiteley
Pág. 1399 - 1410  

The Impact of Stocking on the Current Ancestry in Twenty Native and Introduced Muskellunge Populations in Minnesota
Loren M. Miller, Steven W. Mero & Jerry A. Younk
Pág. 1411 - 1423  

The Effects of Neutrally Buoyant, Externally Attached Transmitters on Swimming Performance and Predator Avoidance of Juvenile Chinook Salmon
Jill M. Janak, Richard S. Brown, Alison H. Colotelo, Brett D. Pflugrath, John R. Stephenson, Z. Daniel Deng, Thomas J. Carlson & Adam G. Seaburg
Pág. 1424 - 1432