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Volumen 54 Número 1 Parte 0 Año 2012

Texture analysis of low-carbon steel under annealing conditions using non-contact ultrasound
Potter, M.D.G.; Shaban, F.M.
Pág. 10 - 13  

Damage detection on laminated composite materials using several NDT techniques
Amaro, A.M.; Reis, P.N.B.; de Moura, M.F.S.F.; Santos, J.B.
Pág. 14 - 20  

Evaluation of defects in panel paintings using infrared, optical and ultrasonic techniques
Sfarra, S.; Theodorakeas, P.; Ibarra-Castanedo, C.; Avdelidis, N.P.; Paoletti, A.; Paoletti, D.; Hrissagis, K.; Bendada, A.; Koui, M.; Maldague, X.
Pág. 21 - 27  

Active X-ray testing of complex objects
Riffo, V.; Mery, D.
Pág. 28 - 35  

Condition monitoring of pulsed electric field food processing systems
Bastaki, N.; Gaouda, A.M.; El-Hag, A.H.; Jayaram, S.H.
Pág. 36 - 44