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Volumen 56 Número 6 Parte 0 Año 2008

Just noticeable differences in sound quality metrics for refrigerator noise
Jin You, Jin Yong Jeon
Pág. 414 - 424  

Heterogeneous (HG) blanket design strategies for passive control of aircraft interior noise
Kamal Idrisi, Marty E. Johnson, James P. Carneal
Pág. 425 - 433  

A news experimental device for investigating vibro-acoustic effects of sonic booms in buildinngs
Yusuke Naka, Yoshikazu Makino, Takeshi Ito
Pág. 434 - 441  

Vibro-acoustic analysis of noise generation from a full scale model of molular bridge expansion joint
Jhabindra P. Ghimire, Yasunao Matsumoto, Hiroki Yamaguchi
Pág. 442 - 450  

Improved procedure for correlating blast noise events with complaint logs at U.S. Army installatinons
Edward Nykaza, Larry Pater, George Luz
Pág. 451 - 459  

Redution of aerodynamic noise from a train car gap
Fumio Mizushima, Takeshi Kurita, Chisachi Kato, Akiyoshi Iida
Pág. 460 - 464  

Dependence of predictive skill for outdoor narrowband and broadband sound levels on the atmospheric representation
D. Keith Wilson, Mattew S. Lewis, John W. Weatherly, Edgar L. Andreas
Pág. 465 - 477  

Screw-damper cover on a motorcycle primary-chain cover
Paul N. Liang
Pág. 478 - 483  

The influence of plenum absorption on flanking transmission through suspended ceilings
Juergen Royar, Martin Schmelzer
Pág. 484 - 496  

Evaluation of excessive noise effects on hearing employing psychoacoustic dosimetry
Józef Kotus, Andrzje Czyzewski, Bozena Kostek
Pág. 497 - 510