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Volumen 47 Número 10 Parte 0 Año 2008

Structures of supercavitating multiphase flows
Xiangbin Li, Guoyu Wang, Mindi Zhang, Wei Shyy
Pág. 1263 - 1275  

Modelling of thermal contact resistance within the framework of the thermal lattice Boltzmann method
K. Han, Y.T. Feng, D.R.J. Owen
Pág. 1276 - 1283  

Thermal state of an incompressible pseudo-plastic fluid and Nusselt number at the interface fluid¿die wall
Mustapha Karkri, Yvon Jarny, Pierre Mousseau
Pág. 1284 - 1293  

Unsteady mass transfer from/to a drop accompanied by a reversible second-order chemical reaction on the surface of the drop
G. Juncu
Pág. 1294 - 1305  

The thermal modeling of a matrix heat exchanger using a porous medium and the thermal non-equilibrium model
Andrew M. Hayes, Jamil A. Khan, Aly H. Shaaban, Ian G. Spearing
Pág. 1306 - 1315  

Numerical analysis of natural convection in an inclined trapezoidal enclosure filled with a porous medium
Yasin Varol, Hakan F. Oztop, Ioan Pop
Pág. 1316 - 1331  

The effect of flow field and turbulence on heat transfer characteristics of confined circular and elliptic impinging jets
M.F. Koseoglu, S. Baskaya
Pág. 1332 - 1346  

Artificial neural network models for predicting soil thermal resistivity
Yusuf Erzin, B. Hanumantha Rao, D.N. Singh
Pág. 1347 - 1358  

Effect of geometric parameters on steady-state performance of single-phase NCL with heat loss to ambient
Dipankar Narayan Basu, Souvik Bhattacharyya, P.K. Das
Pág. 1359 - 1373  

Influence of multi-irreversibilities on the performance of a Brayton refrigeration cycle working with an ideal Bose or Fermi gas
Jingyi Liu, Bihong Lin, Weiqiang Hu, Jincan Chen
Pág. 1374 - 1381  

Thermal receptivity of free convective flow from a heated vertical surface: Linear waves
Manosh C. Paul, D. Andrew S. Rees, Michael Wilson
Pág. 1382 - 1392  

Experimental validation of the coupled fluid flow, heat transfer and electromagnetic numerical model of the medium-power dry-type electrical transformer
Jacek Smolka, Andrzej J. Nowak
Pág. 1393 - 1410