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Volumen 1 Número 1 Parte December Año 2018

Optimization of Alachlor Photocatalytic Degradation with Nano-TiO2 in Water under Solar Illumination: Reaction Pathway and Mineralization
Md. Ashraful Islam Molla, Mai Furukawa, Ikki Tateishi, Hideyuki Katsumata and Satoshi Kaneco

Removal of COD and Ammonia Nitrogen by a Sawdust/Bentonite-Augmented SBR Process
Parsa Mohajeri, Mohammad Razip Selamat, Hamidi Abdul Aziz and Carol Smith

Preparation and Characterization of Chemically-Modified Biomaterials and Their Application as Adsorbents of Penicillin G
Jesie Silva, Lizebel Morante, Tesfamichael Demeke, Jacqueline Baah-Twum and Abel E. Navarro

Modeling and Simulation of a Novel Combined Solar Photovoltaic-Thermal Panel and Heat Pump Hybrid System
Samuel Sami

The Potential Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development in Tanzania: A Review
Obadia Kyetuza Bishoge, Lingling Zhang and Witness Gerald Mushi

On the Removal and Desorption of Sulfur Compounds from Model Fuels with Modified Clays
Jeong W. Ha, Tenzing Japhe, Tesfamichael Demeke, Bertin Moreno and Abel E. Navarro

Biogas Cleaning: Activated Carbon Regeneration for H2S Removal
Giovanni Coppola and Davide Papurello

The Drivers and Barriers of Renewable Energy Applications and Development in Uganda: A Review
Adebayo Fashina, Mustafa Mundu, Oluwole Akiyode, Lookman Abdullah, Dahiru Sanni and Living Ounyesiga

Membrane-Assisted Condenser
Enrico Drioli and Francesca Macedonio

Introduction to a New Open Access Journal by MDPI: Clean Technologies
Shaobin Wang