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Volumen 69 Número 3 Parte 0 Año 2012

Biocomplexity in a demersal exploited fish, white hake (Urophycis tenuis): depth-related structure and inadequacy of current management approaches
Denis Roy, Thomas R. Hurlbut, Daniel E. Ruzzante
Pág. 415 - 429  

Density-dependent regulation of year-class strength in age-0 juvenile striped bass (Morone saxatilis)
E.J. Martino, E.D. Houde
Pág. 430 - 446  

Landscape heterogeneity influences carbon dioxide production in a young boreal reservoir
Soren M. Brothers, Paul A. del Giorgio, Cristian R. Teodoru, Yves T. Prairie
Pág. 447 - 456  

Landscape characteristics and coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) distributions: explaining abundance versus occupancy
E.A. Steel, D.W. Jensen, K.M. Burnett, K. Christiansen, J.C. Firman, B.E. Feist, K.J. Anlauf, D.P. Larsen
Pág. 457 - 468  

Impacts of the Eurasian round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) on benthic communities in the upper St. Lawrence River
Rebekah Kipp, Anthony Ricciardi
Pág. 469 - 486  

Quantitative risk measures applied to Alaskan commercial fisheries
Suresh Andrew Sethi, Michael Dalton, Ray Hilborn
Pág. 487 - 498  

Impact of the Deepwater Horizon well blowout on the economics of US Gulf fisheries
U. Rashid Sumaila, Andrés M. Cisneros-Montemayor, Andrew Dyck, Ling Huang, William Cheung, Jennifer Jacquet, Kristin Kleisner, Vicky Lam, Ashley McCrea-Strub, Wilf Swartz, Reg Watson, Dirk Zeller, Daniel Pauly
Pág. 499 - 510  

Diatom-inferred decline of macrophyte abundance in lakes of southern Quebec, Canada
Jesse C. Vermaire, Yves T. Prairie, Irene Gregory-Eaves
Pág. 511 - 524  

High-resolution melting analysis of common and recombinant genotypes of the Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) hemoglobin ß1 gene in transatlantic populations
Ola Frang Wetten, Robert C. Wilson, Øivind Andersen
Pág. 525 - 531  

Life history schedule and periodic recruitment of female snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) in the eastern Bering Sea
Billy Ernst, David A. Armstrong, Julián Burgos, J.M. (Lobo) Orensanz
Pág. 532 - 550  

Tissue-specific isotope trophic discrimination factors and turnover rates in a marine elasmobranch: empirical and modeling results
Luis Malpica-Cruz, Sharon Z. Herzka, Oscar Sosa-Nishizaki, Juan Pablo Lazo
Pág. 551 - 564  

Three-dimensional kernel utilization distributions improve estimates of space use in aquatic animals
Colin A. Simpfendorfer, Esben M. Olsen, Michelle R. Heupel, Even Moland
Pág. 565 - 572  

Spatial and seasonal variability in the diet of round goby (Neogobius melanostomus): stable isotopes indicate that stomach contents overestimate the importance of dreissenids
Jaclyn M. Brush, Aaron T. Fisk, Nigel E. Hussey, Timothy B. Johnson
Pág. 573 - 586  

Asphyxiation and entombment mechanisms in fines rich spawning substrates: experimental evidence with brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) embryos
Jan Franssen, Catherine Blais, Michel Lapointe, Francis Bérubé, Normand Bergeron, Pierre Magnan
Pág. 587 - 599  

Low-cost estimates of mortality rate from single tag recoveries: addressing short-term trap-happy and trap-shy bias
Richard McGarvey, Janet M. Matthews
Pág. 600 - 611