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Volumen 72 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2004

Development of Oligonucleotide Primers for the Detection of Harmful Microcystis in Water
Cho, J.-E. Bang, S.-W. Han, M.-S.
Pág. 655 - 662  

Estimating Heavy Metal Accumulation in Oligochaete Earthworms: A Meta-analysis of Field Data
Ma, W.-C.
Pág. 663 - 670  

Bioassessment of Ecological Risk of Amazonian Ichthyofauna to Mercury
Castilhos, Z. C. Almonsy, N. Souto, P. S. da Silva, L. C. C. P. Linde, A. R. Bidone, E. D.
Pág. 671 - 679  

Toxicity Assessment of Indian Marine Cyanobacterial Strains
Bhaskar, A. S. B. Nidhi, G. Jayaraj, R. Subramanian, G. Rao, P. V. L.
Pág. 680 - 685  

Carboxanilide Persistence in Wildlife: Excretion and Retention in a Rat Model
Mitchell, S. C. Waring, R. H.
Pág. 686 - 691  

Novel Temperature Control Apparatus for Whole Effluent Toxicity Tests
Kszos, L. A. Braden, P.
Pág. 692 - 696  

Toxicity Identification Evaluations (TIEs) of Freshwater Samples Using a Metal Chelating Resin
Andersen, H. B.
Pág. 697 - 705  

Effects of Sublethal Copper Exposure on Behavior and Growth of Rana pipiens Tadpoles
Redick, M. S. La Point, T. W.
Pág. 706 - 710  

Kinetic Studies on the Combined Effects of Lanthanum and Cerium on the Growth of Microcystis aeruginosa and their Accumulation by M. aeruginosa
Zhou, P.-J. Lin, J. Shen, H. Li, T. Song, L.-R. Shen, Y.-W. Liu, Y.-D.
Pág. 711 - 716  

Effect of Cadmium on the Population Dynamics of Moina macrocopa and Macrothrix triserialis (Cladocera)
Garcia, G. G. Nandini, S. Sarma, S. S. S.
Pág. 717 - 724  

Effect of Cadmium on Hematological Indices of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
Drastichova, J. Svobodova, Z. Luskova, V. Machova, J.
Pág. 725 - 732  

Effect of Cadmium on Blood Plasma Biochemistry in Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
Drastichova, J. Svobodova, Z. Luskova, V. Celechovska, O. Kalab, P.
Pág. 733 - 740  

Mineral Composition and Cadmium Accumulation in Oreochromis mossambicus Exposed to Waterborne Cadmium
Pratap, H. B. Bonga, S. E. W.
Pág. 741 - 749  

Effects of Lead as an Environmental Pollutant on EROD Enzyme in Gammarus pulex (L.) (Crustacea: Amphipoda)
Kutlu, M. Susuz, F.
Pág. 750 - 755  

Growth and Zinc Accumulation of Sedum alfredii Hance-a Zn Hyperaccumulator as Affected by Phosphorus Application
Ni, W.-Z. Sun, Q. Yang, X.
Pág. 756 - 762  

Sensitivity of Cichlasoma facetum (Cichlidae, Pisces) to Metals
Rossini, G. D. B. Ronco, A. E.
Pág. 763 - 768  

Bioaccumulation of Cadmium and Zinc, and Field Validation of a Histological Biomarker in Terrestrial Isopods
Odendaal, J. P. Reinecke, A. J.
Pág. 769 - 776  

Survival and Growth of Hyalella azteca Exposed to Three Mississippi Oxbow Lake Sediments
Moore, M. T. Lizotte, R. E. Cooper, C. M. Smith, S. Knight, S. S.
Pág. 777 - 783  

PCBs in Fish of the Ardeche River: Potential Implications for the Survival of the Otter (Lutra Lutra)
Mazet, A. Keck, G. Berny, P.
Pág. 784 - 790  

Kinetic Studies on the Effects of Organophosphorus Pesticides on the Growth of Microcystis aeruginosa and Uptake of the Phosphorus Forms
Zhou, P.-J. Shen, H. Lin, J. Song, L.-R. Liu, Y.-D. Wu, Z.-B.
Pág. 791 - 797  

Paraoxonase Activity in Sera of Four Neotropical Fish
Bastos, V. L. F. C. Alves, M. V. Bernardino, G. Ceccarelli, P. S. Bastos, J. C.
Pág. 798 - 805  

Tracking Toxic Metals in the Ambient Air of Agra City, India
Gajghate, D. G. Bhanarkar, A. D.
Pág. 806 - 812  

Residual Effects of Sewage Sludge Applied to a Clay Soil on Soil Nitrate Distribution with Three Different Field Management Practices
Lee, S.-M.
Pág. 813 - 820  

Anaerobic Degradation of the Organochlorine Pesticides DDT and Heptachlor in River Sediment of Taiwan
Chiu, T.-C. Yen, J.-H. Liu, T.-L. Wang, Y.-S.
Pág. 821 - 828  

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Street Dust of Niteroi City, RJ, Brazil
Netto, A. D. P. Cunha, I. F. Muniz, F. C. Rego, E. C. P.
Pág. 829 - 835  

Leaching Potential of Pesticides in a Vegetable Farm in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Ismail, B. S. Ngan, C. K. Cheah, U. B. Abdullah, W. Y. W.
Pág. 836 - 843  

Heavy Metals in Black Tea Samples Produced in Turkey
Narin, I. Colak, H. Turkoglu, O. Soylak, M. Dogan, M.
Pág. 844 - 849  

Emission of Biogenic Sulfur Gases from the Microbial Decomposition of Cystine in Chinese Rice Paddy Soils
Zhang, J. Wang, L. Yang, Z.
Pág. 850 - 857  

Antimony Concentration in Farming Soil of Southern Poland
Loska, K. Wiechula, D. Korus, I.
Pág. 858 - 865  

Toxicity of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate and Alkylethoxylate to Aquatic Plants
Liu, H. Y. Liao, B. H. Zhou, P. H. Yu, P. Z.
Pág. 866 - 872