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Volumen 42 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2012

Improving Airline Revenues with Variable Opaque Products: ¿Blind Booking¿ at Germanwings
David Post andMartin Spann
Pág. 329 - 338  

On the Development of a Soccer Player Performance Rating System for the English Premier League
Ian G. McHale, Philip A. Scarf, and David E. Folker
Pág. 339 - 351  

Improving Workforce Scheduling of Aircraft Line Maintenance at Sabena Technics
Jeroen Beliën, Brecht Cardoen, and Erik Demeulemeester
Pág. 352 - 364  

A Large US Retailer Selects Transportation Carriers Under Diesel Price Uncertainty
John Turner, Ben Peterson, Soo-Haeng Cho, Sunder Kekre, and Alan Scheller-Wolf
Pág. 365 - 379  

Hanover County Improves Its Response to Emergency Medical 911 Patients
Laura A. McLay andHenri Moore
Pág. 380 - 394  

The US Army Projects the Effect of Merit Pay on Payroll Growth
Guy C. Huntsinger, Roger Chapman Burk, and Timothy E. Trainor
Pág. 395 - 405  

Practice Summaries: Designing Disease Prevention and Screening Centers in Abu Dhabi
K. Louis Luangkesorn, Bryan A. Norman, Yi Zhuang, Mimi Falbo, and John Sysko
Pág. 406 - 409