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Volumen 80 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2009

Probing the Neural Correlates of Anticipated Peer Evaluation in Adolescence
Amanda E. Guyer, Erin B. McClure-Tone, Nina D. Shiffrin, Daniel S. Pine, Eric E. Nelson
Pág. 1000 - 1015  

Neural Correlates of Direct and Reflected Self-Appraisals in Adolescents and Adults: When Social Perspective-Taking Informs Self-Perception
Jennifer H. Pfeifer, Carrie L. Masten, Larissa A. Borofsky, Mirella Dapretto, Andrew J. Fuligni, Matthew D. Lieberman
Pág. 1016 - 1038  

The Effects of Early Experience on Face Recognition: An Event-Related Potential Study of Institutionalized Children in Romania
Margaret C. Moulson, Alissa Westerlund, Nathan A. Fox, Charles H. Zeanah, Charles A. Nelson
Pág. 1039 - 1056  

Interindividual Differences in Neonatal Imitation and the Development of Action Chains in Rhesus Macaques
Pier Francesco Ferrari, Annika Paukner, Angela Ruggiero, Lisa Darcey, Sarah Unbehagen, Stephen J. Suomi
Pág. 1057 - 1068  

Biological Motion Displays Elicit Social Behavior in 12-Month-Olds
Jennifer M. D. Yoon, Susan C. Johnson
Pág. 1069 - 1075  

Neural Correlates of Decision Making on a Gambling Task
Stephanie M. Carlson, Vivian Zayas, Amy Guthormsen
Pág. 1076 - 1096  

Revisiting the Strange Stories: Revealing Mentalizing Impairments in Autism
Sarah White, Elisabeth Hill, Francesca Happé, Uta Frith
Pág. 1097 - 1117  

Electroencephalogram and Heart Rate Regulation to Familiar and Unfamiliar People in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Amy Vaughan Van Hecke, Jocelyn Lebow, Elgiz Bal, Damon Lamb, Emily Harden, Alexis Kramer, John Denver, Olga Bazhenova, Stephen W. Porges
Pág. 1118 - 1133  

Does Gaze Direction Modulate Facial Expression Processing in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder?
Hironori Akechi, Atsushi Senju, Yukiko Kikuchi, Yoshikuni Tojo, Hiroo Osanai, Toshikazu Hasegawa
Pág. 1134 - 1146  

Neurodevelopmental Correlates of Theory of Mind in Preschool Children
Mark A. Sabbagh, Lindsay C. Bowman, Lyndsay E. Evraire, Jennie M. B. Ito
Pág. 1147 - 1162  

Neural Correlates of Belief- and Desire-Reasoning
David Liu, Andrew N. Meltzoff, Henry M. Wellman
Pág. 1163 - 1171  

Which Penguin Is This? Attributing False Beliefs About Object Identity at 18 Months
Rose M. Scott, Renée Baillargeon
Pág. 1172 - 1196  

Brain Regions for Perceiving and Reasoning About Other People in School-Aged Children
Rebecca R. Saxe, Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli, Jonathan Scholz, Kevin A. Pelphrey
Pág. 1197 - 1209  

Empathy Is Associated With Dynamic Change in Prefrontal Brain Electrical Activity During Positive Emotion in Children
Sharee N. Light, James A. Coan, Carolyn Zahn-Waxler, Corrina Frye, H. Hill Goldsmith, Richard J. Davidson
Pág. 1210 - 1231  

Cognitive and Neural Development of Individuated Self-Representation in Children
Rebecca D. Ray, Amy L. Shelton, Nick Garber Hollon, Bethany D. Michel, Carl B. Frankel, James J. Gross, John D. E. Gabrieli
Pág. 1232 - 1242  

Aspects of Fetal Learning and Memory
Chantal E. H. Dirix, Jan G. Nijhuis, Henk W. Jongsma, Gerard Hornstra
Pág. 1251 - 1258  

Recognition of Moving and Static Faces by Young Infants
Yumiko Otsuka, Yukuo Konishi, So Kanazawa, Masami K. Yamaguchi, Hervé Abdi, Alice J. O'Toole
Pág. 1259 - 1271  

The Motivational Landscape of Early Adolescence in the United States and China: A Longitudinal Investigation
Qian Wang, Eva M. Pomerantz
Pág. 1272 - 1287  

Early Attachment Organization Moderates the Parent¿Child Mutually Coercive Pathway to Children's Antisocial Conduct
Grazyna Kochanska, Robin A. Barry, Sarah A. Stellern, Jessica J. O'Bleness
Pág. 1288 - 1300  

A Good Story: Children With Imaginary Companions Create Richer Narratives
Gabriel Trionfi, Elaine Reese
Pág. 1301 - 1313  

Social Perception in Infancy: A Near Infrared Spectroscopy Study
Sarah Lloyd-Fox, Anna Blasi, Agnes Volein, Nick Everdell, Claire E. Elwell, Mark H. Johnson
Pág. 986 - 999