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Volumen 4 Número 1 Parte March Año 2019

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
Ruey-Jen Yang

Modelling and Feasibility Study on Using Tidal Power with an Energy Storage Utility for Residential Needs
Gianmaria Giannini

The 5W?s for Control as Part of Industry 4.0: Why, What, Where, Who, and When?A PID and MPC Control Perspective
Anca Maxim, Dana Copot, Cosmin Copot and Clara M. Ionescu

Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition through Third-Order Tensor Representation and Spatio-Temporal Analysis
Panagiotis Barmpoutis, Tania Stathaki and Stephanos Camarinopoulos

Machine Learning Applications: The Past and Current Research Trend in Diverse Industries
Omid Ameri Sianaki, Ashkan Yousefi, Azadeh Rajabian Tabesh and Mehregan Mahdavi

Automatically Monitoring, Controlling, and Reporting Status/Data for Multiple Product Life Test Stands
Richard Fertell and Hamed Ershad

Star Type Wireless Sensor Network for Future Distributed Structural Health Monitoring Applications
James Meech, Christopher Crabtree and Zoltán Rácz

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Inventions in 2018
Inventions Editorial Office

Heat Transfer and Its Innovative Applications
Ping-Hei Chen and Hyung Hee Cho

HVAC Systems Applied in University Buildings with Control Based on PMV and aPMV Indexes
Eusébio Z. E. Conceição, António F. M. Sousa, João M. M. Gomes and António E. Ruano

Temperature Distribution through a Nanofilm by Means of a Ballistic-Diffusive Approach
Hatim Machrafi

A Microfluidic Cell Stretch Device to Investigate the Effects of Stretching Stress on Artery Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Kae Sato, Manami Nitta and Aiko Ogawa