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Volumen 28 Número 0 Parte 0 Año 2017

GNSS Navigation for Enabling More Efficient and Effective Air Traffic Management
Doris Novak, Karlo Jurkovac
Pág. 106 - 110  

Pilot Burnout as a Human Factor Limitation
Andrea Brezonakova
Pág. 11 - 15  

Sequencing landing aircraft process to minimize schedule length
Anna Kwasiborska
Pág. 111 - 116  

Measuring and Testing the Instrument Landing System at the Airport Zilina
Andrej Novák, Karel Havel, Michal Janovec
Pág. 117 - 126  

Air Traffic Smoothness. A New Look at the Air Traffic Flow Management
Piotr Andrzej Dmochowski, Jacek Skorupski
Pág. 127 - 132  

Mapping Risk Models/Methods onto a Complexity Spectrum
Matthew Stogsdill, Pernilla Ulfvengren
Pág. 133 - 140  

Safety risks of biofuel utilization in aircraft operations
Jozef Cernan, Marián Hocko, Miroslava Cúttová
Pág. 141 - 148  

Mechanical demodulation of aircraft antenna signal
Ján Labun, Stanislav Fábry, Marek Ce?kovic, Pavol Kurdel
Pág. 149 - 155  

Airborne Weather Surveillance Radars for Increasing Air Transport Safety
Ján Labun, Pavol Kurdel, Marek Ce?kovic, Alena Novák Sedlácková
Pág. 156 - 163  

The Causality Analysis of Air Transport and Socio-economics Factors: The Case of OECD Countries
Hatice Küçükönal, Gülsah Sedefoglu
Pág. 16 - 26  

Application of Numerical Methods in the Improvement of Safety of Aeronautical Structures
Ivica Smojver, Darko Ivancevic
Pág. 164 - 172  

Obstacle Detection with Ultrasonic Sensors and Signal Analysis Metrics
Gerard Gibbs, Huamin Jia, Irfan Madani
Pág. 173 - 182  

Night-time Detection of UAVs using Thermal Infrared Camera
Petar Andra?i, Tomislav Radi?ic, Mario Mu?tra, Jurica Ivo?evic
Pág. 183 - 190  

An Innovative Cloud-based Supervision System for the Integration of RPAS in Urban Environments
Elisa Capello, Matteo Dentis, Giorgio Guglieri, Laura Novaro Mascarello, Luca Spanó Cuomo
Pág. 191 - 200  

The Proposition and Evaluation of Amendments to Current Flight Training Curricula Regarding Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Jan ?i?ka, ?tefan Dúha, Franti?ek Jun
Pág. 201 - 206  

A Proposal for Ensuring the Quality of Aerospace Engineering Higher Education in Europe
Giorgio Guglieri, Daniel Hanus, Pascal Revel
Pág. 207 - 216  

Are today?s pilots ready for full use of GNSS technologies?
Ján Rostá?, Filip ?kultéty
Pág. 217 - 225  

Comparative analysis of U-Fly and Value Alliance and global alliances
Alena Novák Sedlácková, Pavol Lokaj
Pág. 27 - 36  

Airline disruption management: yesterday, today and tomorrow
Francisco Jesus Jimenez Serrano, Antonin Kazda
Pág. 3 - 10  

Aspects of Aerial Laser Scanning when exploring unknown archaeological sites (Case study)
Peter Bobál, Slavomír Sipina, Filip ?kultéty
Pág. 37 - 44  

Comparison of different variants of logistics chain with the use of air transport using the software application
Stefan Kudlac, Jozef Majercak, Peter Majercak
Pág. 45 - 50  

Small regional airport performance and Low cost carrier operations
Michal Cervinka
Pág. 51 - 58  

Small regional airports operation: unnecessary burdens or key to regional development
Antonín Kazda, Martin Hromádka, Boris Mrekaj
Pág. 59 - 68  

An Investigation into the Effect of Airport Touting from the Passengers? Perspective: A Case of Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja
Abraham Pius, Obioma R. Nwaogbe, Ogunnumesi Opeoluwa, Imad Guenane
Pág. 69 - 78  

SASS-C processing capability of MSPSR data
Nikolas ?ácik, Andrej Novák, Andrés Soto, Grzegorz Drupka
Pág. 79 - 88  

Single European Sky vision: Increase capacity 3 times, reduction of ATM cost by half and ensuring improvement of safety by 10 times ? how to satisfy this goal in safety area?
Maria Kovacova, Jan Balint
Pág. 89 - 98  

Two businesses of air navigation service providers: The case study of NATS
Anna Tomová
Pág. 99 - 105