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Volumen 41 Número 12 Parte Año 2006

Evaluating the potential for energy savings on lighting by integrating fibre optics in buildings
Enedir Ghisi and John A. Tinker
Pág. 1611 - 1621  

Full-scale experimental studies on mechanical smoke exhaust efficiency in an underground corridor
L.H. Hu, Y.Z. Li, R. Huo, L. Yi and W.K. Chow
Pág. 1622 - 1630  

COwZ¿A subzonal indoor airflow, temperature and contaminant dispersion model
John Stewart and Zhengen Ren
Pág. 1631 - 1648  

Evaluations of existing waste recycling methods: A Hong Kong study
Vivian W.Y. Tam and C.M. Tam
Pág. 1649 - 1660  

Assessment of thermal environment using a thermal manikin in a field environment chamber served by displacement ventilation system
K.W.D. Cheong, W.J. Yu, R. Kosonen, K.W. Tham and S.C. Sekhar
Pág. 1661 - 1670  

The assessment of a water budget of North Cyprus
G. Elkiran and M. Ergil
Pág. 1671 - 1677  

Indoor climate in low-energy houses¿an interdisciplinary investigation
Charlotta Isaksson and Fredrik Karlsson
Pág. 1678 - 1690  

Study on transport characteristics of saliva droplets produced by coughing in a calm indoor environment
Shengwei Zhu, Shinsuke Kato and Jeong-Hoon Yang
Pág. 1691 - 1702  

Integrated air quality modelling for a designated air quality management area in Glasgow
D. Mumovic, J.M. Crowther and Z. Stevanovic
Pág. 1703 - 1712  

Assessment of the microclimatic and human comfort conditions in a complex urban environment: Modelling and measurements
Ágnes Gulyás, János Unger and Andreas Matzarakis
Pág. 1713 - 1722  

An alternative approach for the performance rating of air-cooled chillers used in air-conditioned buildings
F.W. Yu and K.T. Chan
Pág. 1723 - 1730  

Shading simulation of the courtyard form in different climatic regions
Ahmed S. Muhaisen
Pág. 1731 - 1741  

Impacts of some building passive design parameters on heating demand for a cold region
U. Teoman Aksoy and Mustafa Inalli
Pág. 1742 - 1754  

Interaction between the mixing and displacement modes in a naturally ventilated enclosure
Vitaly Haslavsky, Josef Tanny and Meir Teitel
Pág. 1755 - 1761  

Mechanical and chemical behavior of spruce wood modified by heat
Sibel Yildiz, Engin D. Gezer and Umit C. Yildiz
Pág. 1762 - 1766  

A perspective on the effect of climate and local environmental variables on the performance of attic radiant barriers in the United States
Mario A. Medina and Bryan Young
Pág. 1767 - 1778  

Use of boron waste as a fluxing agent in production of red mud brick
Taner Kavas
Pág. 1779 - 1783  

Series of experiments for empirical validation of solar gain modeling in building energy simulation codes¿Experimental setup, test cell characterization, specifications and uncertainty analysis
H. Manz, P. Loutzenhiser, T. Frank, P.A. Strachan, R. Bundi and G. Maxwell
Pág. 1784 - 1797  

On the accuracy of wind-driven rain measurements on buildings
Bert Blocken and Jan Carmeliet
Pág. 1798 - 1810  

Biodeterioration of the Lions Fountain at the Alhambra Palace, Granada (Spain)
M. Isabel Sarró, Ana M. García, Víctor M. Rivalta, Diego A. Moreno and Irene Arroyo
Pág. 1811 - 1820  

Performance of ventilator components for natural ventilation applications
Steve Sharples and Nelson Chilengwe
Pág. 1821 - 1830  

Customization of GBTool in Hong Kong
W.L. Lee and J. Burnett
Pág. 1831 - 1846  

Preservation of the artistic heritage within the seat of the Chancellorship of the University of Palermo: A proposal on a methodology regarding an environmental investigation according to Italian Standards
S. Costanzo, A. Cusumano, C. Giaconia and G. Giaconia
Pág. 1847 - 1859  

A look at driving rain intensities at five cities
James P. Rydock
Pág. 1860 - 1866  

Research, protection and restoration studies on the historical fabric of Isparta, using Aya Baniya Church as an example
Ali Turk and M. Elif Celebi
Pág. 1867 - 1871  

In situ performance evaluation of spray polyurethane foam in the exterior insulation basement system (EIBS)
M.C. Swinton, W. Maref, M.T. Bomberg, M.K. Kumaran and N. Normandin
Pág. 1872 - 1880  

Quasi-adaptive fuzzy heating control of solar buildings
M.M. Gouda, S. Danaher and C.P. Underwood
Pág. 1881 - 1891  

Thermal behaviour of adobe constructions
M. Luisa Parra-Saldivar and William Batty
Pág. 1892 - 1904  

The natural environment control system of Korean traditional architecture: Comparison with Korean contemporary architecture
Do-Kyoung Kim
Pág. 1905 - 1912  

Determination of efficient shoring system in RC frame structures
Hyo-Gyoung Kwak and Jin-Kook Kim
Pág. 1913 - 1923  

Partnering for construction excellence¿A reality or myth?
Albert P.C. Chan, Daniel W.M. Chan, Linda C.N. Fan, Patrick T.I. Lam and John F.Y. Yeung
Pág. 1924 - 1933  

Influence of added concrete compressive strength on adhesion to an existing concrete substrate
Eduardo N.B.S. Júlio, Fernando A.B. Branco, Vítor D. Silva and Jorge F. Lourenço
Pág. 1934 - 1939  

Exploring the economic impact of construction pollution by disaggregating the construction sector of the input¿output table
Eddie W.L. Cheng, Yat Hung Chiang and Bo Sin Tang
Pág. 1940 - 1951  

Re-characterization of architectural style of reinforced concrete building facades by exterior seismic strengthening
Saadet Toker and Ali ¿hsan Ünay
Pág. 1952 - 1960  

The effect of a redesigned floor plan, occupant density and the quality of indoor climate on the cost of space, productivity and sick leave in an office building¿A case study
Arto Saari, Topi Tissari, Esko Valkama and Olli Seppänen
Pág. 1961 - 1972  

Application of cross validation techniques for modelling construction costs during the very early design stage
Franco K.T. Cheung and Martin Skitmore
Pág. 1973 - 1990