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Volumen 37 Número 4 Parte Año 2006

Revolutions and shifting paradigms in human factors & ergonomics
Kenneth R. Boff
Pág. 391 - 399  

A consideration of the nature of work and the consequences for the human-oriented design of production and products
Heiner Bubb
Pág. 401 - 407  

Embracing diversity in user needs for affective design
Halimahtun M. Khalid
Pág. 409 - 418  

Diversity and variation in biomechanical exposure: What is it, and why would we like to know?
Svend Erik Mathiassen
Pág. 419 - 427  

High-demand jobs: Age-related diversity in work ability?
Judith K. Sluiter
Pág. 429 - 440  

Preventing upper limb work-related musculoskeletal disorders (UL-WMSDS): New approaches in job (re)design and current trends in standardization
Daniela Colombini and Enrico Occhipinti
Pág. 441 - 450  

The relation between OSH and ergonomics: A `mother¿daughter¿ or `sister¿sister¿ relation?
Veerle Hermans and Jan Van Peteghem
Pág. 451 - 459  

Non-visual biological effect of lighting and the practical meaning for lighting for work
Wout J.M. van Bommel
Pág. 461 - 466  

Safety communications: Warnings
Kenneth R. Laughery
Pág. 467 - 478  

Human-factors engineering for smart transport: Decision support for car drivers and train traffic controllers
Dick Lenior, Wiel Janssen, Mark Neerincx and Kirsten Schreibers
Pág. 479 - 490  

Patient safety, systems design and ergonomics
P. Buckle, P.J. Clarkson, R. Coleman, J. Ward and J. Anderson
Pág. 491 - 500  

The multimodal world of medical monitoring displays
Penelope Sanderson
Pág. 501 - 512  

Patient views of adverse events: Comparisons of self-reported healthcare staff attitudes with disclosure of accident information
Kenji Itoh, Henning Boje Andersen, Marlene Dyrløv Madsen, Doris Østergaard and Masaaki Ikeno
Pág. 513 - 523  

Human factors of complex sociotechnical systems
Pascale Carayon
Pág. 525 - 535  

Positive outcomes of participatory ergonomics in terms of greater comfort and higher productivity
Peter Vink, Ernst A.P. Koningsveld and Johan F. Molenbroek
Pág. 537 - 546  

Participatory methods effective for ergonomic workplace improvement
Kazutaka Kogi
Pág. 547 - 554  

Ergonomics in Latin America: Background, trends and challenges
Marcelo M. Soares
Pág. 555 - 561