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Volumen 4 Número 1 Parte March Año 2019

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Infrastructures in 2018
Infrastructures Editorial Office

A Strategic Analysis of Cargolux Airlines International Position in the Global Air Cargo Supply Chain Using Porter?s Five Forces Model
Glenn Baxter

Design and Evaluation of IoT-Enabled Instrumentation for a Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Wall
Alan Marchiori, Yadong Li and Jeffrey Evans

Analyzing the Driving Factors Causing Urban Expansion in the Peri-Urban Areas Using Logistic Regression: A Case Study of the Greater Cairo Region
Muhammad Salem, Naoki Tsurusaki and Prasanna Divigalpitiya

Peat Fibers and Finely Ground Peat Powder for Application in Asphalt
Patricia Kara De Maeijer, Hilde Soenen, Wim Van den bergh, Johan Blom, Geert Jacobs and Jan Stoop

Airfield Infrastructure Management Using Network-Level Optimization and Stochastic Duration Modeling
Mohamadhossein Noruzoliaee and Bo Zou

Laboratory Study on the Strength Behaviour of Two Laterally Loaded Adobe Walls
Brad D. Weldon, Paola Bandini, Michael J. McGinnis, Eduardo Dávila and Diego I. García Vera