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Volumen 4 Número 2 Parte June Año 2019

Eco-Efficient Fiber-Reinforced Preplaced Recycled Aggregate Concrete under Impact Loading

Fiber Optics Sensors in Asphalt Pavement: State-of-the-Art Review

Urban Drainage Networks Rehabilitation Using Multi-Objective Model and Search Space Reduction Methodology

Sensitivity of the Flow Number to Mix Factors of Hot-Mix Asphalt

Ventilation of an Isolated Subsurface Structure Induced by Natural Forces

On the Use of Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition for the Identification of Bridge Frequency from the Responses Measured in a Passing Vehicle

Polymer Concrete for Bridge Deck Closure Joints in Accelerated Bridge Construction

Post-Disaster Recovery Associations of Power Systems Dependent Critical Infrastructures

Determination of Layers Responsible for Rutting Failure in a Pavement Structure

Performance-Based Analysis in Civil Engineering: Overview of Applications

Impacts of Seasonal and Annual Weather Variations on Network-Level Pavement Performance

Prediction of Compression Index of Fine-Grained Soils Using a Gene Expression Programming Model

Durable Bridge Columns using Stay-In-Place UHPC Shells for Accelerated Bridge Construction

Characterization of Recovered Bitumen from Coarse and Fine Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Particles

Surface Air Movement: An Important Contributor to Ventilation of Isolated Subsurface Structures?

Show Me a Safer Way: Detecting Anomalous Driving Behavior Using Online Traffic Footage

Effect of Scour on the Natural Frequency Responses of Bridge Piers: Development of a Scour Depth Sensor

Mix Design and Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash and GGBFS-Synthesized Alkali-Activated Concrete (AAC)

Benchmarking Image Processing Algorithms for Unmanned Aerial System-Assisted Crack Detection in Concrete Structures

Chloride Penetration at Cold Joints of Structural Members with Dissimilar Concrete Incorporating UHPC

Location Allocation of Sugar Beet Piling Centers Using GIS and Optimization

Fatigue Stress-Life Model of RC Beams Based on an Accelerated Fatigue Method

Stability Assessment of Earth Retaining Structures under Static and Seismic Conditions

Identifying and Measuring Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Key Performance Indicators and Management Strategies

Force Performance Analysis of Pile Behavior of the Lateral Load