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Volumen 146 Número 1-2 Parte 0 Año 2005

Plant genetic resources and freedom to operate
Buanec, Bernard
Pág. 1 - 8  

Development and application of functional markers in maize
Lübberstedt, Thomas, Zein, Imad, Andersen, Jeppe, Wenzel, Gerhard, Krützfeldt, Birte, Eder, Joachim, Ouzunova, Milena, Chun, Shi
Pág. 101 - 108  

Efficiency of different PCR-based marker systems in assessing genetic diversity among winter rye ( Secale cereale L.) inbred lines
Bolibok, Hanna, Rakoczy-Trojanowska, Monika, Hromada, Aneta, Pietrzykowski, Robert
Pág. 109 - 116  

Line selection for exploiting durum wheat ( T. turgidum L. var. durum ) local landraces in modern variety development program
Agorastos, A., Goulas, C.
Pág. 117 - 124  

Broadening the genetic base of onion to develop better-adapted varieties for organic farming systems
Bueren, E., Soest, L., Groot, E., Boukema, I., Osman, A
Pág. 125 - 132  

Utilization of genetic resources for the introduction and adaptation of exotic vegetable crops: The case of pepino ( Solanum muricatum )
Prohens, Jaime, Rodríguez-Burruezo, Adrián, Nuez, Fernando
Pág. 133 - 142  

Chromosome 1D as a possible location of a gene (s) controlling variation between wheat ( Triticum aestivum L.) varieties for carbon isotope discrimination (ο) under water-stress conditions
Mohammady-D, Shahram
Pág. 143 - 148  

Assessment for salinity tolerance through intergeneric hybridisation: Triticum durum ÿ Aegilops speltoides
Noori, Seyed
Pág. 149 - 155  

Development of synthetic Brassica napus lines for the analysis of ''fixed heterosis'' in allopolyploid plants
Abel, S., Möllers, C., Becker, H.
Pág. 157 - 163  

Transformation of tobacco with an Arabidopsis thaliana gene involved in trehalose biosynthesis increases tolerance to several abiotic stresses
Almeida, André, Villalobos, Enrique, Araújo, Susana, Leyman, Barbara, Dijck, Patrick, Alfaro-Cardoso, Luís, Fevereiro, Pedro, Torné, José, Santos, Dulce
Pág. 165 - 176  

Genome size and Giemsa C-banded karyotype of tetraploid Bromus ciliatus L
Tuna, Metin, Vogel, Kenneth, Arumuganathan, K.
Pág. 177 - 182  

Molecular assessment of genetic diversity in winter barley and its use in breeding
Ordon, Frank, Ahlemeyer, Jutta, Werner, Kay, Köhler, Wolfgang, Friedt, Wolfgang
Pág. 21 - 28  

Morphological and molecular characterization of Italian emmer wheat accessions
Pagnotta, Mario, Mondini, Linda, Atallah, Maroun
Pág. 29 - 37  

Molecular characterization of genetic diversity in European germplasm of perennial ryegrass
Bolaric, S., Barth, S., Melchinger, A., Posselt, U.
Pág. 39 - 44  

The effect of cassava mosaic disease on the genetic diversity of cassava in Uganda
Kizito, Elizabeth, Bua, Anton, Fregene, Martin, Egwang, Thomas, Gullberg, Urban, Westerbergh, Anna
Pág. 45 - 54  

Marker assisted polycross breeding to increase diversity and yield in perennial ryegrass ( Lolium perenne L.)
KöLliker, Roland, Boller, Beat , Widmer, Franco
Pág. 55 - 65  

Genotyping safflower ( Carthamus tinctorius ) cultivars by DNA fingerprints
Sehgal, Deepmala, Raina, Soom
Pág. 67 - 76  

Morphological and molecular analysis of common millet ( P. miliaceum ) cultivars compared to an aDNA sample from the 15th century (Hungary)
Lágler, R., Gyulai, G., Humphreys, M., Szabó, Z., Horváth, L., Bittsánszky, A., Kiss, J., Holly, L., Heszky, L.
Pág. 77 - 85  

Genetic variation of melon ( C. melo ) compared to an extinct landrace from the Middle Ages (Hungary) I. rDNA, SSR and SNP analysis of 47 cultivars
Szabó, Z., Gyulai, G., Humphreys, M., Horváth, L., Bittsánszky, A., Lágler, R., Heszky, L.
Pág. 87 - 94  

Utilisation of the Commonwealth Potato Collection in potato breeding
Bradshaw, John, Ramsay, Gavin
Pág. 9 - 19  

Comparison among available marker systems for cereal introgression breeding: A practical perspective
Hernandez, Pilar
Pág. 95 - 100