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Volumen 101 Número 4 Parte 0 Año 2008

Node appearance model for Lulo (Solanum quitoense Lam.) in the high altitude tropics
Sandra Pulido, Carlos Ricardo Bojacá, Melba Salazar, Bernardo Chaves
Pág. 383 - 387  

Image-based real-time displacement measurement system
Dae Hyun Kim, David C. Slaughter
Pág. 388 - 395  

The development and assessment of the accuracy of an autonomous GPS-based system for intra-row mechanical weed control in row crops
M. Nørremark, H.W. Griepentrog, J. Nielsen, H.T. Søgaard
Pág. 396 - 410  

Granular fertiliser application rate control system with integrated output volume measurement
E. Tola, T. Kataoka, M. Burce, H. Okamoto, S. Hata
Pág. 411 - 416  

Shape-based methodology for multivariate discrimination among Italian hazelnut cultivars
Paolo Menesatti, Corrado Costa, Graziella Paglia, Federico Pallottino, Stefano D'Andrea, Valentina Rimatori, Jacopo Aguzzi
Pág. 417 - 424  

Flowability and handling characteristics of bulk solids and powders ¿ a review with implications for DDGS
V. Ganesan, K.A. Rosentrater, K. Muthukumarappan
Pág. 425 - 435  

Fine-crushing and subcritical water treatment of wood materials suitable for bioethanol production using image processing as intermediate indicators
Daizo Yamaguchi, Akishi Hatano, Koichi Shoji, Hiromichi Itho, Tsuneo Kawamura, Hisashi Horio
Pág. 436 - 444  

Development of mathematical model for simulating moisture content during the re-wetting of brown rice stored in film packaging
T. Genkawa, T. Uchino, S. Miyamoto, A. Inoue, Y. Ide, F. Tanaka, D. Hamanaka
Pág. 445 - 451  

Optimal irrigation water and saffron corm planting intensity under two cultivation practices in a semi-arid region
A.R. Sepaskhah, F. Dehbozorgi, A.A. Kamgar-Haghighi
Pág. 452 - 462  

Design and air¿water calibration of a waveguide connector for TDR measurements of soil electric permittivity in stony soils
F.J. Souto, J. Dafonte, M. Escariz
Pág. 463 - 471