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Volumen 67 Número 5 Parte 0 Año 2012

The courage to connect
Curt Meine
Pág. 120A - 121A  

Improving conservation practices programming to protect water quality in agricultural watersheds: Lessons learned from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture¿Conservation Effects Assessment Project
Deanna Osmond, Don Meals, Dana Hoag, Mazdak Arabi, Al Luloff, Greg Jennings, Mark McFarland, Jean Spooner, Andrew Sharpley, and Dan Line
Pág. 122A - 127A  

Plant nutrient management and risks of nitrous oxide emission
Clifford S. Snyderand Paul E. Fixen
Pág. 137A - 144A  

Maps help landowners think beyond human scale
Jean Eells, Michael F. Dahlstrom, and Raeann Ritland
Pág. 145A - 147A  

Effects of climate change on soil carbon and nitrogen storage in the US Great Plains
R.F. Follett, C.E. Stewart, E.G. Pruessner, and J.M. Kimble
Pág. 331 - 342  

The application of the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, Version 2, to evaluate the impacts of alternative climate change scenarios on runoff and sediment yield
S.M. Dabney, D.C. Yoder, and D.A.N. Vieira
Pág. 343 - 353  

Characterization of maize inbred lines for drought and heat tolerance
J. Chen, W. Xu, J. Velten, Z. Xin, and J. Stout
Pág. 354 - 364  

Carbon storage and nitrous oxide emissions of cropping systems in eastern Washington: A simulation study
C. Stöckle, S. Higgins, A. Kemanian, R. Nelson, D. Huggins, J. Marcos, and H. Collins
Pág. 365 - 377  

Evaluating soil organic carbon sequestration potential in the Cotton Belt with the soil conditioning index
A.J. Franzluebbers, M.D. Hubbs, and M.L. Norfleet
Pág. 378 - 389  

Modeling climate change effects on runoff and soil erosion in southeastern Arizona rangelands and implications for mitigation with conservation practices
Y. Zhang, M. Hernandez, E. Anson, M.A. Nearing, H. Wei, J.J. Stone, and P. Heilman
Pág. 390 - 405  

Soil carbon sequestration in the dryland cropping region of the Pacific Northwest
T.T. Brownand D.R. Huggins
Pág. 406 - 415  

Response of reservoir atrazine concentrations following regulatory and management changes
K.W. King, N.R. Fausey, R. Dunn, P.C. Smiley, Jr., and B.L. Sohngen
Pág. 416 - 424  

Sediment characteristics and accumulation rates in constructed ponds
A.S. Brainardand G.W. Fairchild
Pág. 425 - 432  

Sorbent-amended compost filter socks in grassed waterways reduce nutrient losses in surface runoff from corn fields
M.J. Shipitalo, J.V. Bonta, and L.B. Owens
Pág. 433 - 441  

Branching out: Agroforestry as a climate change mitigation and adaptation tool for agriculture
Michele Schoeneberger, Gary Bentrup, Henry de Gooijer, Raju Soolanayakanahally, Tom Sauer, James Brandle, Xinhua Zhou, and Dean Current
Pág. A128A - 136A