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Volumen 60 Número 2 Parte 0 Año 2009

Heat pipe phenomenon in soil under reduced air pressure
I. Sakaguchi, T. Momose, H. Mochizuki, T. Kasubuchi
Pág. 110 - 115  

Estimating particle-size fractions of soil dominated by silicate minerals from geochemistry
B. G. Rawlins, R. Webster, A. M. Tye, R. Lawley, S. L. O'Hara
Pág. 116 - 126  

Hydroxy-Al polymers block the frayed edge sites of illitic minerals in acid soils: studies in southwestern Japan at various weathering stages
A. Nakao, S. Funakawa, T. Kosaki
Pág. 127 - 138  

SWORM: an agent-based model to simulate the effect of earthworms on soil structure
E. Blanchart, N. Marilleau, J.-L. Chotte, A. Drogoul, E. Perrier, Ch. Cambier
Pág. 13 - 21  

Pedogenic alterations of illitic minerals represented by Radiocaesium Interception Potential in soils with different soil moisture regimes in humid Asia
A. Nakao, S. Funakawa, T. Watanabe, T. Kosaki
Pág. 139 - 152  

Soil management modifies micro-scale abundance and function of soil microorganisms in a Mediterranean ecosystem
A. Lagomarsino, S. Grego, S. Marhan, M. C. Moscatelli, E. Kandeler
Pág. 2 - 12  

The use of Vis-NIR spectral reflectance for determining root density: evaluation of ryegrass roots in a glasshouse trial
B. H. Kusumo, M. J. Hedley, C. B. Hedley, A. Hueni, G. C. Arnold, M. P. Tuohy
Pág. 22 - 32  

Depth-related variations in organic matter at the molecular level in a loamy soil: reference data for a long-term experiment devoted to the carbon sequestration research field
J. Celerier, C. Rodier, P. Favetta, L. Lemee, A. Ambles
Pág. 33 - 43  

Airborne radiometric survey data and a DTM as covariates for regional scale mapping of soil organic carbon across Northern Ireland
B. G. Rawlins, B. P. Marchant, D. Smyth, C. Scheib, R. M. Lark, C. Jordan
Pág. 44 - 54  

A comparison of soil organic carbon stock in ancient and modern land use systems in Denmark
H. Breuning-Madsen, B. Elberling, T. Balstroem, M. Holst, M. Freudenberg
Pág. 55 - 63  

Quantifying carbon and sulphate loss in drained acid sulphate soils
D. E. Smiles
Pág. 64 - 70  

Eluto-frontal chromatography to simulate chemical weathering of COx by low-molecular-weight organic compounds and early pedogenesis processes
N. Scholtus, E. Leclerc, P. De Donato, J. L. Morel, M. O. Simonnot
Pág. 71 - 83  

Primary particle size distribution of eroded material affected by degree of aggregate slaking and seal development
D. N. Warrington, A. I. Mamedov, A. K. Bhardwaj, G. J. Levy
Pág. 84 - 93  

Topographic modelling of soil moisture conditions: a comparison and verification of two models
P. N. C. Murphy, J. Ogilvie, P. Arp
Pág. 94 - 109